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Happiness Comes from Hard Work

Yusuf Resiti, a resident of Horgos Industrial Park Community, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture

Recently, the anti-China forces in the US and the West made groundless accusations about the existence of “forced labor” in Xinjiang. This completely exposes their expertise in telling lies. To prevent the world from being deceived, as a native of Xinjiang, it is necessary for me to stand up and refute the lies.

My name is Yusuf Resiti, a villager from Kaladara Town, Tekes County. Now I work in Horgos Nang Industrial Park. Our family has land, cattle and sheep. In the past, the family income mainly depended on farming, and the economic conditions were not very good. In order to increase the family income, I decided to go out for an adventure.

So, I came to Horgos City, through recruitment into the Horgos Nang Industrial Park, which has signed a labor contract with us and paid us “five insurances and one housing fund”. We had food and shelter, and went to work on time. Now, my monthly salary is about 3000 yuan. With a stable job and a steady income, my life is getting better and better. With the money I earned, I bought a TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine as well as other home appliances for my family. I also bought furniture and home appliances for my parents. I believe that through my efforts, the future will be better.

My happiness is entirely by my own hands, and I never need to be forced. The allegation of “forced labor” in Xinjiang by the anti-China forces in the US and the West is nonsense. We will not allow such unfounded accusations.