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Working in the Textile Factory Takes me to a Well-off Life

Tunishaguli Dawuti, an employee of a clothing factory, Hejing County, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture

Recently, disregarding the facts, the anti-China forces in the United States and the West wantonly threw mud at Xinjiang and unscrupulously made accusations of the so-called “forced labor” in Xinjiang. These groundless rumors made me feel both indignant and ridiculous.

In March 2020, the company recruited employees in Qira County, Hotan Prefecture. When my husband and I saw the job advertisement, we decided to sign up for the job. We successfully passed the examination and smoothly signed the labor contract with the company. In addition, the company assigned us a temporary couple apartment of eighty square meters. To take better care of our children, we brought them here and let them attend school here in the industrial area of the company.

with over 200 staff members, our company is a big family composed of Han, Uygur, Mongolian, Hui and other ethnic groups. In daily life, the company respect our eating habits and customs, providing us with bathrooms, laundries and Halal canteens.

From a farmer to a textile worker, my life has changed dramatically. However, our hard work was stigmatized by the anti-China forces in the United States and the West as “forced labor”, which was a blatant rumor! They never care whether we have a good life or not, and they have no idea of the realities, what they are trying to do is make us lose our jobs and ruin our happy life.