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Everything We Have is Gained through Hard Work and Sweat!

Aimaiti Niyazi, an employee of Chuanmian Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. in Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang

Recently, the anti-China forces in the United States and the West fabricated the rumors about the existence of “forced labor” in Xinjiang, which made me feel ridiculous and resentful, and it is completely a groundless rumor that disregards the facts and confuses right and wrong.

Now I work for Chuanmian Cotton Industry Co., Ltd., an enterprise that has long engaged in cotton purchasing and processing, and has enormous potentiality and rich experience in these areas. I signed the labor contract with the company in October 2020. After a quarter’s work and training, I learned to manipulate the machines, mastered the relevant techniques and acquired the specialized knowledge of the quality assurance system of enterprise, etc.. Now I am very proud of these technical know-how that once made me feel profound and confused. The company treats us very well and my monthly income has reached 4000 yuan, with which I can not only improve my living conditions but also buy my parents whatever they like. With the stable income, we enjoy the freedom of working and living here, and we feel very happy. We are grateful for the jobs we got and meanwhile we know very well that our job opportunities don’t come from anyone’s charity, everything that we have now is obtained by our own hard work and sweat.

Now, the cotton production in Xinjiang has been highly mechanized. It’s extremely shameful of those with malicious motives to slander Xinjiang cotton under the guise of “forced labor”. We earn the money with our own hands and we are having our beautiful and happy lives, which, however, has become the “forced labor” in the eyes of those evil-intentioned people. The degraded conduct of maliciously slandering Xinjiang cotton by the anti-China forces in the United States and the West shows adequately their absolute absurdity, their gangster logic of making irresponsible remarks, confusing right and wrong, and wantonly undermining the stable development of Xinjiang, which is bound to be despised by people all over the world.