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【A Better Future】Methitohetti: From a Poor Man to Deputy Manager

  By Xinjiang Daily News, Zheng Zhuo and Sui Yunyan

  On August 28, when cool autumn breeze swept across Luopu County, Methitohetti Methikurban, who just moved in town from Yingbage Village Nawa County, is still wearing short sleeves as he goes out. “Every day I go to work at 8:30 in the morning, and sometimes I get home after 10 in the evening. Although the weather is cool in the morning and evening, I feel very hot in my heart.” 41-year-old Methitohetti said, patting his chest. At the thought of endless incoming customer orders, he feels full of energy every day.

  After graduating from the Vocational Skills Education and Training Center in Luopu County in April this year, Methitohetti went to work in a second-hand car trading company in the county. His Mandarin is good, and he is enthusiastic and hard-working, so his business performance is steadily improving. “Now I am the company’s deputy manager, and I have dividends at the end of the year." Methitohetti said with his eyes full of hope.

  Early to Work and Late Back Home Becomes Daily Routine

  “The car purchased from Beijing will arrive in Hotan soon. The new storefront decoration is about to be completed. The company is moving to ...” Methitohetti introduced the things he needed to do in the next few days.

  The reporter saw a dozen second-hand cars neatly lined at the entrance of the trading company where Methitohetti worked. Many of them were purchased from Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places. Methitohetti’s work was to contact clients in main areas of China, negotiate about the price, and then send someone to pick up the car.

  At the beginning, he didn't know much about cars. He thought if a car could be driven then its all good. In fact, the second-hand car sales is a test of insight and communication skills--which models are good to sell, whether the cars have been hit in accidents, and what price to expect for cars of different producing years--you have to know them all.

  Methitohetti started learning from scratch. “I first look at the nearby second-hand market and find what cars are good for sale and what the transaction price is. Then I search for information on second-hand car trading websites across the country. When encountering cars for which the price is set lower than the purchase price here, I will call to ask for more information.” Methitohetti said, “Usually I have the video or photos taken, check the car’s traffic record of accidents, ask about the mileage and fuel consumption, and then negotiate about the price. When price is confirmed, the deal is basically sealed.”

  He speaks Mandarin well, so he takes charge of all business of this sector in the company. Coming to work early and going home late has become part of his daily routine.

  Almost Ruined his Daughter's Future

  “I’m busy now, and I can make money. I’m going to save money for my kids’ tuition, both boys and girls.” Speaking of children's education, Methitohetti fell into remorse for the past.

  After graduating from elementary school, Methitohetti stopped studying. After he grew up, he often went to illegal lecture sites, and was gradually infected with extreme religious thought.

  After he got married, Methitohetti lived on his land of more than 2 acres. Although there were many favorable policies for farmers, he was unwilling to work hard, and the wheat harvested every year was just barely enough to live.

  On weekdays, he wouldn’t let his wife go out, believing that a woman’s exposure is a shame, which could bring bad luck to the whole family. He did not contact other people. When he saw others singing and dancing, he just went back and shut himself indoors.

  The eldest daughter did very well in school, but after graduating from junior high school, Methitohetti did not plan to let her continue schooling. “They said that women should marry early, and they wouldn’t stand a chance to get married after going to school for many years.” Methitohetti wanted her daughter to come home, and was about to look for a marriage partner for her daughter.

  In this regard, his wife Uznursa Mamat strongly opposed him, which gave rise to lots of family conflicts. Later, with her wife’s strong insistence and the persuasion of the village cadres, Methitohetti reluctantly let her daughter take the test. His daughter was admitted to the Inner Senior Class.

  Seeing that his daughter was so happy, Methitohetti began to reflect on his behavior. He went to the village committee to talk to the village cadres. He found that there was something wrong with his mind, and he wanted a change. In 2018, Methitohetti signed up at Luopu County Vocational Skills Education and Training Center. Through the study, he gradually realized that the so-called “rules” turned out to be the sinister words of religious extremists.

  “When I listened to them, did everything go well in my life? No! And I almost ruined my daughter.” Methitohetti said. He now realizes that if one is to live a good life, he needs to rely on the Party's good policies, as well as on his own effort.

  At the training center, Methitohetti chose hotel management major, and he wanted to learn to communicate and cooperate with others. In order to improve his Mandarin level, Methitohetti watched TV after class to practice listening and speaking skills. “It really helps. All my teachers praised me for my rapid progress.” Methitohetti said that he was pleased that his daughter’s grades were among the highest in the class, and the teacher said that she has a good chance to be admitted to prestigious universities.

  Happy Life Comes from Hard Work

  “My cousin used to make others worry about him a lot. After graduating from the training center and returning home, he’s totally changed.” Methitohetti's cousin Akbar Arkin said with a smile at his brother, “He is cheerful now, loves to laugh, and works hard."

  Going into Methitohetti’s house in Luopu County, you’ll notice that the red carpet and golden wallpaper made the whole house very festive. It consists of a bedroom, sitting room, dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom, all of which are clean and tidy. “These days he loves watching the TV series ‘Cang Lang’, and asks me to watch it with him.” Uznursa said her husband hoped that she could learn Mandarin and open a mini supermarket in the future.

  "My thoughts has changed now, and I feel that my wife should go out and do something, which will not only increase income for the family, but also increase contact with the outside world," said Methitohetti.

  Nowadays, Methitohetti’s work has entered a rising phase. The new store of his company has an area of more than 300 square meters. In addition to the spacious reception hall, there is also a car supplies sales area, and a car wash room at the back, where second-hand cars can be turned into shiny new “beauty”.

  “The branch company in Hotan City is about to open soon, with an area of more than 600 square meters. There will be more cars and more customers in the future.” Methitohetti is excited about the future. He said that the company’s business is going to expand to real estate, and there will be many more things for him to learn.

  Methitohetti sometimes drives back to the village where he used live to see the folks. Neighbour McKinyaz Izlam always plays jokes on him, saying “you are making a lot of achievements now, which is really enviable.” When he hears this, Methitohetti will always tell him that happy life has to be gained through hard work, and that he would never relive the old days when he was muddleheaded.