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【A Better Tomorrow】 Abduriyim Regains Brotherhood

 Xinjiang Daily News (Xie Huibian reports) On the morning of July 19, the weather was hot. Abduriyim Abdurusul went for a door-to-door sales on a street of Shule County with his decoration material sample. His dark brown coat was soaked, but he kept on his work.

“The company’s business has improved a bit in the past few months, and we need to keep on going.” Abduriyim said, raising his head to drink up a bottle of water. He raised his arm to wipe off sweat, “I want to do more to make amend to brother Zhang.”

Getting to Know Brother Zhang

In Shule County, many people know that Abduriyim and brother Zhang Yongguo who’s from Sichuan Province started a decoration company in partnership, and the business used to be very good. However, in 2016, he was infected with extreme religious thoughts. Abduriyim was bewitched by a friend of his and became estranged from Zhang Yongguo. He became absent-minded in managing the company, so the economic performance was deteriorating.

“At that time, my brain almost broke down because I believed in what they said to me, and I almost lost my best brother.” When talking about their story, Abduriyim was ashamed.

In 2009, Abduriyim started to work in a cement plant in the county. His major responsibility was selling cement. After being introduced by a friend, he met Zhang Yongguo, who contracted projects on the construction site. The first time the two met was a little “embarrassing”.

Abduriyim recalled that one day he received a call from Zhang Yongguo, requiring “100 tons of cement to the construction site.” Soon, Abduriyim sent the cement. Zhang Yongguo didn’t pay him immediately, with only a brief word, “when the project was settled I will give you the money.” Abduriyim murmured in his heart: Even an IOU was okay, but Zhang Yongguo gave nothing.

Out of courtesy, Abduriyim did not ask. He paid the plant with his own money. But still he felt worried. “What if he wouldn’t give me the money? I don’t even have anything as a proof.” When he returned home, Abduriyim could hardly fall asleep, thinking of the worst possible results in his mind.

A week later, Zhang Yongguo called and said, “Abduriyim, come and get the money.” With these brief words, he hung up. Abduriyim received the money and was finally relieved.

Since then, similar “transactions” between the two have become common practice. One incident made Abduriyim realize that Zhang Yongguo is a very trustworthy friend. In 2011, when Abduriyim went to collect money, Zhang Yongguo was working on an account of a joint factory he owns with a friend. “Does it count--doing it all alone without your friend? “ “Of course, each person has half of the share” “But your friend doesn’t do much in managing the factory. Shouldn’t you get yourself a salary for management?” “We made a deal, and that’s half the share for each of us.”

Zhang Yongguo’s frankness gained respect from Abduriyim. “He is kind and trustworthy,” said Abduriyim. Since then, he and Zhang Yongguo have become good brothers beyond doing business, and the two are really getting close to each other.

Brothers Who Once were Drifting Away

In 2014, a friend who cooperated with Zhang Yongguo withdrew his money, and Zhang Yongguo plans to re-establish the company. Abduriyim was so excited to hear the news that he didn't sleep well for several nights. “Brother Zhang is trustworthy, and I want to do business with him in partnership.” Abduriyim said. He pursued Zhang Yongguo almost every day and wanted to cooperate with him.

“Investing is risky. What if we lose?” Zhang Yongguo asked.

“It doesn't matter. No matter we lose or win, we do it together.”

In this way, Abduriyim took out all his savings and started a decoration company in partnership with Zhang Yongguo, which mainly produces and sells cement products, gypsum products, and exterior wall insulation building materials. Abduriyim takes charge for sales and Zhang Yongguo is in charge for daily management. The business is getting better and better through their work year by year.

However, the good situation did not last long. “In 2016, Abduriyim started to become a bit abnormal.” Zhang Yongguo said, “he didn't go out to eat with me or talk about our cooperation. Later, he didn't come to the company much, and even when I was anxious to find him, he didn’t answer my phone calls ... ”

Abduriyim said that when they started cooperation in establishing the company, there were people saying something behind his back. He didn't care at the beginning. But later as more and more people said so, especially when some elderly told him that “cooperating with ‘pagans’ will guarantee you hell after death ..."

“At that time, I thought about withdrawing my money ...” Abduriyim said that some of his friends alienated him, and he began to doubt himself and had no intention of managing the business.

In 2018, Abduriyim came to Shule County Vocational Skills Education and Training Center under persuasion from his family. Here, he cleared the “cancer” in his mind and recovered. “I distinguished between religious extreme thoughts and Uyghur customs.” Abduriyim said, he almost fell for the wrongdoing. Fortunately, through learning and training, he timely recognized true intention of the people who promoted extreme religious thinking.

Leading the Sales Team to Work Diligently

In 2019, Abduriyim finished his study and returned home. He was embarrassed to return to work in the company. But when Zhang Yongguo learned this, he went to his house to find him, and the two talked for a long night. They talked about the past, present and future and mostly how to run the company well in the future.

“Abduriyim has changed a lot. From work to life, he seems like a different person.” Zhang Yongguo said. After returning to work in the company, Abduriyim always came to the company first every day. He went to inspect the manufacturing plant first, then make several phone calls negotiating business. After that he went out taking samples away with him. He was often seen soaked in sweat when he returned.

Abduriyim has its own set of methods. He led the team to work diligently, going out early and returning home late every day. The company’s sales performance has increased significantly. Due to the large sales volume, the company is short of personnel. Abduriyim suggested to Zhang Yongguo, “We should give priority to people from poverty-stricken families in the employment, so that we could also contribute to poverty alleviation.”

“He has changed more than that.” Zhang Yongguo said that the two have known each other for nearly 10 years, but he had never seen and rarely heard him mentioning Abduriyim’s wife before. After returning from the training, Abduriyim often brought his wife to dinners with Zhang Yongguo.

“In the past, I always felt that women should stay at home to take care of their husband and children, and should not show up. After studying in the training center, I realized that men and women are equal and husbands and wives should respect each other.” Abduriyim looked a little shy when speaking of this. He encouraged his wife to get a driver’s license and said that it was more convenient to drive to work ...