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【A Better Future】Reyhangul Lives a Colorful Life

  Xinjiang Daily News (Gao Wa reports) On July 15th, in a glove factory of Xiaowei industrial park in Yigisa county, Sahan town, the workshop supervisor Reyhangul Ababekri is busy working on the production of a batch of gloves accompanied with the sound of sewing machines. “Though we don’t have too much time for this heavy work order, we have to be prudent.” Reyhangul said with her full intention on the last quality check.

  “I now have a stable job and a more harmonious family, I keep myself away from the extreme thinking and my life is getting colorful everyday.” Speaking of current situation, Reyhangul is reflective.

  A Life Without Direction

  Reyhangul is a 25 years old girl who was affected by the extreme thinking in the past and lived her life according to the so called “rules”, she used to believe that women shouldn’t wear short-sleeves and be exposed to others, otherwise they will be “guaranteed hell”.

  When they got married, Reyhangul’s husband Ghujiahmat Abdukudus bought her some golden jewellery, but Reyhangul recalled that in the “rules”, a woman should pay the levy duty when she wants to wear jewellery or she will be punished and cannot go to the paradise, so she secretly paid the levy duty without telling the family.

  “I was bewitched at that time, and would like to distinguish everything by Islamic or not Islamic even in buying a kettle or a washbasin.” She frowned when thinking about this.

  Reyhangul used to force his husband to have religious beliefs and go to the mosque. They quarreled a lot because of this. On May 29th, 2016, Ghujiahmat bought her a skirt because it’s their third wedding anniversary, but Reyhangul threw it away because it’s a short sleeved skirt.

  Ghujiahmat can’t live with her wife’s estranged behavior. In order to save the broken family, after a few deep talks, Reihanguri agreed to study in Yingjisha County Vocational Skills Education and training Center.

  A Competent Supervisor

  In the training center, Reihanguri has learned the legal knowledge and gradually rethought of his behavior. In addition, she carefully studied the national common language and improved the ability to read and write.

  Reihanguri was interested in sewing. After dropping out of junior high school, she worked as an apprentice at a tailor's shop in town for a few days. At the training center, Gehanguri learned sewing techniques according to his hobbies, including glove making.

  “The most difficult step in making gloves is to close the layer. At first, I couldn’t do it well. The teacher taught me over and over again. Tearing apart the cloth and sowing again, I tried so many times that the cloth could no longer be used. Then I’d take another piece of cloth and go on practicing.” said Reihanguri.

  Reihanguri didn’t pay his efforts for nothing. Her workmates can make fifty gloves everyday while she can make eighty of them with high quality.

  This is Reihanguri’s first job which she really cherished and she soon became the chief manager of Sector 3 because of her performance and competence in work.

  Yu Cuiyun, who’s in charge of the glove factory, regards Reihanguri as a competent manager. “Reihanguri is a diligent person. She is good at communicating and managing workers. Production in Sector 3 has increased in both quality and yield under her lead.”

  Good Taste of Life

  “Mum and dad go to work and I go to kindergarten. I shouldn’t cry but say good morning to teachers very often.....” On July 15th, as soon as Reihanguri got back from work, her daughter ran to her, clang to her neck and sang a song to her. Reihanguri held her daughter in her arms and walked into her room with happiness.

  There is withered rose beside her TV but Reihanguri didn’t want to throw away, “This is the gift Ghujiahmat bought me at our wedding anniversary. I was so moved because that’s his first time sending me flowers. Reihanguri smiled happily when seeing those flowers and said, “He said I am a good wife and mother. We are getting closer than before and he often looks at me even when we are having dinner.”

  Ghujiahmat got home from work when we were talking. He took a black suit from the wardrobe and gently touched the collar, “Look, this is the gift she sent me after she got his first month salary. She used to be affected by extreme religious thoughts and didn’t let me wear fashion clothes. Yet now she loves to dress pretty and often goes to bazaar to buy our daughter beautiful dresses.

  After getting paid, Reihanguri not only sent presents to his husband but also gave 200 yuan for pocket money to her mother-in-law who praised her highly. Reihanguri felt warm when she saw her family are so happy together. She said, “We live a sweet life without the affection of extreme religious thinking. That is the real taste of good life!”