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Alim Hands in His Communist Party Application

From Xinjiang Daily (Gaowa and Xie Huibian report) Alim Amat, the head of security team of People's Hospital of Jiashi County, is supposed to take his turn to rest on July 18th, but he doesn't hurry to home after morning shift. Instead, he goes back to his duty room to learn national standard spoken and written language. “Excuse me, parking is not allowed on fire exits.” This small room is not only where he works, but also where he studies. Piles of books and other study material are tidily placed on the desk and windowsill, and passers-by can hear him practicing mandarin.

“Since I've found the goal of my life, I now have inexhaustible effort to spend,” he said. After his graduation from Vocational Skills and Education Training Center of Jiashi County, he found a destination worth hard-working, thus leading a fulfilling life.

“Back Then, ‘Going to Heaven’ is All I Thought About.”

Having finished his study plan, Alim patrols the parking-lot and the out-patient hall. He feels assured and leaves. Noon is approaching while he is driving for a few kilometers to his parents’ house where his mother is waiting for him with home-made “La Tiao Zi”, a local stretched noodles served with vegetable and meat. A smile appears on her face when her son eats with good appetite.

“I’m a member of the Communist Party. In the past, my son believed in what bad guys said, so he said our meal was not prepared in line with the rules of Muslim. Thus he rarely came back to visit us and even when he did, he refused to eat at home,” said, Amat Awut, Alim’s father, “Once, he queried that why I didn’t have long beard on my face and why mom didn’t wear long robe. I got so angry that I kicked him out.”

When deeply influenced by extreme religious thoughts, Alim suffered from poor relationship between himself and his family, including his parents, wife and son. Back at that time, he wanted to send Alimulati Alim, his 6-year-old son who just left kindergarten, to learn scriptures. His wife, Raubigli Ablimi, strongly opposed him and sent their son to her parents’ home for over a year because no other choice was available. She’s glad that she has made that choice every time it occurs to her. “Back then, Alim queried with me everyday and my child cried to see his parents. I feel relieved that I relentlessly insisted, or I really can’t imagine what kind of person my son would become,” she said.

At that time, Alim thought about nothing but extreme religious thoughts like “ascending to heaven or descending to hell”. He was not diligent at work, causing problems from minor ones like arriving late and leaving early to major ones like falling to meet his responsibility at work. He ignored repeated talks from his leader who hoped that he would amend himself. Also, he thought that his colleges were finding fault with him. “I was lost at that time. No direction can be seen. Going to heaven was all I thought about,” said Alim while reflecting on his past.

Later, under the persuasion of his family, he went to Vocational Skills and Education Training Center of Jiashi County for education, through which he formed new ideas of his life.

Establishing “One Sentence” Training Class

Long time ago, Alim was reluctant to learn national standard spoken and written language. He thought knowing a few sentences is enough, as long as he could do self-introduction. But his view changed after a period of learning in the training center.

In one of classes, his teacher taught him the great transition Xinjiang has been experiencing after the founding of the People's Republic of China. That's when he realized happy life can only be given by the country and the Communist Party of China, which he never thought about before. After prudent consideration, he came up with an answer he staunchly believed in.

After training, he found a job in a factory and was promoted to vice director not long after due to his prudent work and fluent mandarin.

Working well at present doesn’t mean forgetting his colleges in the past. Back when he worked in security team of People's Hospital of Jiashi County, many of his colleges didn’t have a good command of mandarin, causing inconvenience in communication. In February of this year, he applied to be shift back to his original job to make a difference.

“I have learned national standard spoken and written language as well as a lot of knowledge. I want to share both of them with my colleagues.” Alim told his idea to Zhang Yulong, director of general affairs of People's Hospital of Jiashi County, who is not only his superior, but also his relative. He feels gratified for his improvement and supports him.

Not long after, his “one sentence” course started. “In-patient department is right ahead.” and “There’s parking space available on your left.” are examples of what are taught in the class. Every morning after roll call, Alim teaches a daily expression based on working need. Every week, he also organizes an examination, during which sentences learnt in the whole week are written on the blackboard and are read by everyone. In addition, Alim and Zang Yulong provide extra tutoring for those who get low scores in exams.

Currently, among security guards and logistics personnel, more than 50 staff are studying in Alim’s “one sentence” class, and the most assiduous one is a security guard named Memet Tursun, who said, “Communication is more convenient and job is easier to do after learning mandarin.”

Alim was promoted to head of security team of People’s Hospital of Jiashi County due to his diligent work and strong organizing ability. At present, besides his job, he needs to arrange and prepare class. “I have found a direction worth my effort, so even though I’m busy everyday, I’m happy in doing so.”

“I Want to be a Member of the Communist Party of China.”

The day worth remembering for Alim is June 23rd, 2019 when he handed communist party application to party organization. “In the past, my father and my wife told me to join the Communist Party of China. I agreed but actually reluctant to do so,” said Alim, “I was brought to the verge of danger by extreme religious thoughts, before led back by the government and the Communist Party of China. That’s why I’m grateful to the government and the Communist Party of China from the bottom of my heart and know what to do in the future.”

What Alim has done recently is a relief for Raubigli, who is a party branch secretary of an elementary school in Jiashi County with 8 years of party standing. After he handed communist party application, she gave him a party constitution to study. “I’m busy doing my work. Back then, when I came home late because I worked extra time, he quarreled with me and said I shouldn’t go to work. But now, he supports my work and helps in typing or something. When he gets home early, he’ll cook dinner and wait for me,” said Raubigli with a smile that appears whenever she talks about her husband’s change.

“Alim should work hard in order to be admitted to the Party early. Then there will be 3 Party members in our family. What an honor it would be!” said Amat who is happy for his son.

Alim has wonderful expectations for his future, saying, “I’m willing to take the test from party organization. I’d like to contribute my efforts to our society and country.”