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【A Better Future】Osman Hasan’s Chicken Farm is Full of Hope

Xinjiang Daily News ( Gao Wa, Xie Huibian reported) On July 11th, bursts of laughter came from the chicken farm in Taghbostan village, Doletbagh township, Bachu County. Osman Aishan, was flushing the chicken cage with others. “The newly bought chickens will be delivered soon, and everyone is working hard.” Osman was busy with sweat but full of energy.

After flushing the chicken cages, Osman began to level out the open space in the corner of the yard, planning to build another row of chicken coops to expand the scale of farming. During the working, Osman and his wife Aiyinisa Mehti discussed the future plan of the farm with constant smile to each other.

Watching her husband, who once had been poisoned by extreme religious thinking but now has become an energetic, outgoing person who takes the lead in becoming rich in the village, Aiyinisa’s eyes were filled with smiles.

Days with dark clouds

“Religious extreme thought is like a dark cloud, which makes me breathless.” Speaking of the past, Aiyinisa frowned.

Osman was born into a family with a strong religious atmosphere. He had followed his father and brother to participate in illegal “Tiberica” since he was young. He was infected by extreme religious thinking. After marriage, Osman used the so-called “canon” to restrain Aiyinisa and told her, “Women shouldn’t go out alone, and they can’t work to earn money because women’s money is not halal.”

Osman has 25 acres of land, but in previous years, his mind was full of religious extreme ideas. He didn’t care about crops so the situation in his family was not good. When the economy was difficult, Aiyinisa wanted to work to make money for the family yet was firmly opposed by Osman.

The thing that Aiyinisa cannot tolerate is that Osman thinks that girls going to school is useless. It is better to study the scriptures and get married early. He once planned to make his daughter drop out of high school and go home. “The so-called ‘canon’ is like an invisible rope, tightly binding us and preventing us from living a good life.” Aiyinisa said.

There were many quarrels between them in those years. Osman has also tried to reflect on his behavior, but found no answer, for he had been eroded by religious extreme thoughts for many years. Osman wasn’t aware of lots of his misunderstandings until Aiyinisa urged him to go to the village committee with her and listen to anti-extremism speeches for several times.

In 2017, under the persuasion of Aiyinisa, Osman came to Bachu County Vocational Skills Education and Training Center to study. “Now I can speak Mandarin. The most important thing is that I have the ability to discern right from wrong by studying the law. I was deceived by extreme religious thoughts but I learned my skills well, and we will live well in the future.” After studying for a while, Osman told Aiyinisa.

Osman’s words were like a gust of wind, blowing away the dark clouds that weighed on Aiyinisa, making her very happy.

“He is the right person that I chose”

At the training center, Osman not only solved the confusing problems in his thoughts, but also learned the chicken raising technique seriously. In March of this year, Osman and his nephew Nur Aimati Nurmatim opened a chicken farm in the village. Osman take the charge of management, Nur Ai Maitima is in charge of market. When they were busy, they also hired several villagers to help.

At the beginning of July, the first 1700 chickens in the chicken farm were sold out within a few days. The average price of each chicken was 39 yuan. Excluding the cost of the chicken farm, Osman and Nur Aimati made a profit more than 10,000 yuan. “Uncle is different from before. Now he is diligent and he knows technique. He is thinking about living a good life. Partnering with him to open a chicken farm is really the right choice.” He said.

These days, Osman is busy sterilizing the chicken house and cleaning the chicken farm. The 3,000 chicks they bought will be delivered soon. “In the future, the chicken farm will become busier, and it will be necessary to hire people. Would you like to come to work on the chicken farm? I will pay you.” Osman said to Aiyinisa, “I did wrong in the past, I should not object to your going to work.”

In addition to earning money from the chicken farm, there is another thing that makes Osman delightful. His daughter, Asya Osman, has just taken the college entrance examination and the scores are good. “My daughter is gaining progress, and I can’t fall behind.” During these days, Osman got together with Aiyinisa to learn the national language during their spare time.

Turghun Hasan, the director of the village committee of Taghbostang village, grew up with Osman from an early age, was very happy to see the change of his old friend. “In the past, Osman was unwilling to communicate with people and did not participate in group activities. But it’s different now, he is willing to communicate with everyone of any ideas,” said Turghon. “No one has raised chickens on a large scale in the past even in the township, let alone our village. But not only did Osman did it, he did a good job. He is skillful, dare to try, and now takes the lead in becoming rich in our village.”

Leading other villagers to wealth

When Osman started the chicken farm, his idea was simple. He wanted to use the technique learned in the training center to gain experience after practice, but after a few months, the idea was changed.

“After finishing his study from the training center, Osman often talked to us. After learning he had the idea of setting up a chicken farm. The village committee helped him apply for 10,000 yuan support funds.” Abudusamati Musha, a member of the “Beneficial visits and gatherings” task force in Taghbostang village, said.

For running a chicken farm, epidemic prevention and control is of paramount importance. In order to support Osman’s entrepreneurship, Doi Lai Tibagh Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station commissioned the veterinarian Ggeni Memet of Taghbostang village to help Osman complete the chicken farm immune, disease prevention and other work. “Osman, don’t forget to call me for a vaccination when the chickens arrive.” On the afternoon of July 11, just after finishing the work at hand, Ggeni came to the chicken farm to remind Osman.

It was early evening when he got home from the chicken farm. Ayinisa was cooking, the youngest son was playing under the grape rack singing songs learned from the kindergarten. In the yard, several workers hurried to work during the fading summer heat. Soon the Osmans would move into a new house.

Freed from the shackles of religious extreme thoughts, Osman’s career and life are booming. A few days ago, there were several villagers who wanted to join the chicken farm and partner with him.

“Everyone is rich is always better than only one person being rich. The party and government have pulled me back from the wrong path and also supported me in starting a business. My wish is to run the chicken farm well and drive the poor households in the village out of poverty and become rich together with me.” Osman said.