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Feature: A China hand in Kazakhstan and her year-end gala

  by Xinhua writers Ren Jun, Zhang Jiye

  ATYRAU, Kazakhstan, Jan. 7 (Xinhua) -- In milky silk dress and butterfly-shaped earing, Aijamal Nasybullina was making last preparations for being the host of her company's year-end gala of 2019 in west Kazakhstan's Atyrau city.

  It was one of the most important nights for the Chinese company she works for. All guests were decked out, including nearly 300 Kazakh and Chinese colleagues.

  "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our big party!" Nasybullina, 33, who now works as the chief of office for the Kazakh branch of the China National Chemical Engineering Group, made the opening remarks in both Kazakh and fluent Chinese.

  The Chinese company is now constructing an integrated petrochemical complex in Atyrau, with the contract totaled about 1.9 billion U.S. dollars.

  As a key cooperation project between Kazakhstan and China, it will produce up to 500,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year. Construction began in June 2018 and is expected to complete by 2021.

  "Today's event is significant for those who have worked hard for the project throughout the year 2019, the biggest of its kind in Kazakhstan," Nasybullina said.

  The five-hour gala was a big feast and included a lucky draw, Kungfu performance, Chinese pop songs, and Kazakh dance pieces. Chinese and Kazakh colleagues wished each other a blessed New Year.

  "We hope this gala, a twist of Chinese and Kazakh culture, would bring Kazakh and Chinese colleagues closer to each other like one family," Nasybullina told Xinhua.

  While studying at the Beijing Language and Culture University, Nasybullina met her Russian husband. The two have been married for seven years and have a four-year-old daughter. "I am very grateful to China where I met my fate."

  "When I studied in China, my Chinese teacher told me that I was like a bridge between the two nations. Even a bite of knowledge in language and culture would help improve bilateral ties," she said.

  Currently, Nasybullina's daily work is to communicate between Kazakh and Chinese colleagues and "smooth out their relationship."

  "I started to understand that every word of my teacher is right," she said

  Nasybullina joined the Chinese company one and a half years ago and her position was raised from secretary to chief of office.

  "Both Chinese and Kazakhstanis are very hospitable, they honor traditions and respect people. This is the most important thing that unites us. I don't see any big difference between us," said Nasybullina.

  "I am extremely grateful to work for this key cooperation project between Kazakhstan and China. It is very important for the development of my country. I witnessed how fast the project is being implemented and how professional my Chinese colleagues are," she said.

  According to Nasybullina, the project will enable Atyrau to firstly produce polypropylene and even export it to other countries.

  "Back in China, I got to know that China is the future not only of Kazakhstan, but also that of the whole world," said Nasybullina.

  "Kazakhstan and China are important partners and neighbors. China has a lot of experience in development. Chinese technology is helping Kazakhstan build up its industrial might," she said.

  With the music blaring, Chinese and Kazakh guests continued to stream in and move to the music.

  Nasybullina joined them, enjoying the tail of 2019 and welcoming the new year. "I wish our project all the success, wish my Chinese colleagues and all Chinese people prosperity, happiness and health!" Nasybullina said.