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Aysa Memet’s Wish List

From Xinjiang Daily (Reporter: Xie Huibian)July 12th, before sunrise, farmers market situated in the south of Bachu County is already noisy because of the sound of traffic mixed with vendor's hawking like “Bought fruits at a cheaper price and have a look at those fresh vegetable……”

Among the crowd is Aysa Memet from Golemari Village in Anakule Township of the county. He is in a hurry to go back home with a dozen of boxes full of fruits on his tricycle. “Aysa is the earliest one every morning. He purchases more and more goods each day, so he must have a good sale.”, signed a wholesaler named Han Changzheng with emotion since he has been knowing him for more then 10 years, but never sees him as hard-working as today.

Managing Family Affairs Well

The reporter sees a warm scene when visits Aysa’s home. Athanmo Saimaiti, Aysa’s wife, is about to carry boxes of fruits off the tricycle when his husband rushes to take boxes from her, while mumbling something that seems to be complaints of why his wife is trying to hold such a heave thing.

Athanmo is standing aside with a smile on her face. “He is more considerate after the training.”, she said with shyness. She also say, “This is not what he used to be. In the past, when he was back home, he would sit on bed doing nothing. He didn’t care for our child and didn’t allow me to wear fashionable clothes nor make-up. I only dared to ask him whether I could spend money when he was in a good mood.” It seems that she always has something to talk about when Aysa’s change is mentioned.

Aysa is looking down to select peaches when his face reddens. “In the past, I thought women should wear long dress without exposing arms and legs, nor could they be allowed to wear make-up.”, he says. There was a time when their 5-year-old son bought a toy in a store ran by Han people. He beat the child hard because of this for he thought buying something not sold by his nationality was not in line with Islamic rules. As a result, his wife and him engaged in a quarrel, nearly leading to divorce. It was not until last year when he started to study in Bachu County Vocational Skill and Education Training Center that he realized that he was under the influence of extreme religious thoughts.

In the Vocational Skill and Education Training Center, Aysa learned law, vocational skills and national standard spoken and written language, all of which enabled him to realize he can only set a good example for his child with gender equality and mutual respect between spouse and he can only lead a happy life by working hard.

After graduation, the first thing he done after returning home was going to the county with his wife to buy her some fashionable clothes, earrings, necklaces and make-up. “Everyone has the right to pursue their own fabulous life.”, said Aysa who now helps his child doing homework, shares chore with his wife and encourages her to do something she likes.

Athanmo is most satisfied when Aysa discusses with her about their future plans which also contains his wish list that hopes they can have good management in family affairs, run flourishing business in fruits wholesale and help more in need.

Being Honest while Doing Business

With temporal coolness of a summer morning, Aysa is chatting with wife while rapidly selecting fruits, so slightly bruised ones are separated from others. “What will you do to those bruised ones?”, asked the reporter. “Sell them at a cheaper price.”, he answered. “Can you earn more by sell all fruits together?”, the reporter asked again. “Then no one will buy from you if you do it for a long time.”, he answered.

Now, Aysa’s business is better because he is honest and value quality.

Without a fixed business site, Aysa rode his tricycle with fruits to various places in the past. After learning laws in Vocational Skill and Education Training Center, he realized that selling fruits on roadside is not only bad for environment and beautiful city landscape, but also has potential safety hazard. After graduation, he visited and expressed his concern to Liu Yi, first secretary of the party branch and the leader of the team setting up to keep abreast of the public feeling, improve people’s livelihood and gain people’s support, also called “Fang Hui Ju” in short. Liu Yi’s team belongs to the Sport Bureau of the autonomous region and works in Golemari Village in Anakule Township of Bachu County. Helped by the team, Aysa rented a shop in Yeerqiang International Bazaar and named it Aysajan’s Fruit Shop.

Having a fixed business site, Aysa manages to have a business improving on a daily basis with net income of about 300 yuan per day. “I would like to be a fruits wholesaler.”, he says. He is planning to take a driving license exam before buying a truck and do wholesale business on his own. He showed the reporter the newly-built 35-square-meter freezer in his yard.“The freezer is designed with the support from secretary Liu who also helped me to contact the seller of my equipment.”, he says.

It requires roughly 10 minutes of bus riding along the wide cement road to go from Golemari Village to Aysa’s fruit shop which is of unique decoration style with a air-conditioner and a WeChat QR code on the wall.

As soon as Aysa finishes putting fruits on the shelves, continuous flows of customers enter his shop. With a good command of mandarin, he offers a cheaper price to regular customers and suggest the new to taste before making decisions, so many consumers can’t help but buy more. He is fully occupied with selecting, weighing and scanning QR code.

Helping More People in Need

Early evening witnesses Golemari Village getting noisy. Villagers can get to the Riversaid Sport and Culture Park within a short walk. “Recently days are the soft opening for a village’s night fair that has more and more visitors.”, said Liu Yi.

Having finished the busy work in the shop, Aysa arrives in the night fair carrying unsold fruits. “In the past, unsold fruits could only be sold in the night market in neighboring villages. Now, it’s convenient to sell near my home.”, says Aysa.

The 7000-quare-meter night market of Golemari Village not only provides another resource of economic income, but also realizes another wish of him.

Liu Yi says that Aysa once talked to him that he wanted to do something for villagers. As a result, he will be the people in charge of a exhibition area of agricultural by-products setting up after the opening of the night fair.

Under the guidance of village task force, many families grew vegetables like tomatoes and pepper in their yards. “Villagers lack selling experience, so Aysa is an ideal person to lead them to sell their agricultural products.”, said Liu Yi.

“helping more villagers in need is one of my wishes after graduation.”, says Aysa. In the past, he refused to accept the policy benefiting people, even denied to communicate with cadres working in the village. But after his learning in the training center, he realized that the favorable policies of the government and the Communist Party of China enable him to have happy life.

“The most obvious change is that after village task force’s arrival, the smelly river in our village became a park and a night fair appeared not far from our homes……”, says Aysa while counting with his fingers and his eyes turn red at last.

More and more visitors come to the night fair early in the evening. Aysa is still busy with other vendor’s stall despite finishing selling his fruits a long time ago…… “I have gained so much from so many benefitting policies, so I should pass the warmth to more villagers in need.”, says Aysa.