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Aksu Cultural and Tourism Bazaar resumed operation

Tianshannet news (Reporter Lu Na & Yang Shuo): Dazzling lights lit up, cheerful singing and dancing show up, delicious food served up...... On the evening of March 18, the biggest indoor night market in Aksu City of Aksu Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Aksu Cultural and Tourism Bazaar resumed operation. Diners following the smell of food came one after another to the place full of smoke of cooking, the "nighttime economy" of Aksu began to recover.

That night, the reporter saw at the entrance of Aksu Cultural and Tourism Bazaar that temperature measurement, registration and disinfection have been carried out in an orderly manner. In the dining area, shashlik (skewer mutton), baked samsa, grilled fish, wontons, thin-wrapper buns...... all kinds of delicious foods are available.

The operation manager Zhao Li said: “We cleaned and disinfected the night market three days before reopening. After opening, we will sterilize each shop and dining area on time every day, carry out temperature measurement and security check to visitors, require certificates of all food materials and strictly control food safety. "

The reporter learned that Aksu Cultural and Tourism Bazaar has a total of 40 booths and 15 of them currently are open. It is expected that the opening rate will reach 90% within one week and all the booths will be open by the end of March.