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An article with the smell of delicious food: the following food streets and night markets in Xinjiang are open!

If there is a hundred ways you can know Xinjiang, the first way must be delicious food of Xinjiang.

When saute spicy chicken with potatoes, mug mutton, traditional hotpot and handmade ice cream served together, as well as fried rice noodles, shashlik with lamb, hand pilaf with nuts and liangpizi served together, don’t you feel that the spring is different?

It is said that the following food streets and night markets are open one after another, which is another reason for us to date.

Venue: the Broad and Narrow Alley Cultural and Tourism Pedestrian Street of Idle Town in Urumqi County

Imagine meat pies that are crispy on the outer and tender in the inner, and golden grilled fish ...

Ever since resuming business on March 15, the Broad and Narrow Alley Cultural and Tourism Pedestrian Street of Idle Town receives an average of more than 1,000 tourists per day.

On the first weekend after reopening, the pedestrian street witnessed a small peak of more than 3,000 visits a day. What a bright and lovely spring day, the enthusiasm of citizens to tour and spend in Nanshan Mountains is surging.

Venue: Shamalbagh Town Food Street in Kashgar City, Kashgar Prefecture

Shamalbagh Town Food Street resumes business too! At noon on March 23, diners enjoy food in the food street and start a happy new week.

What diners love most is nutritious chickpea pigeon soup and thin-wrapper buns. This place is not only popular with tourists, but also one of the must-see destinations for locals to enjoy delicious food.

Venue: Hotan Night Market, Hotan Night Market Huanhu Store in Hotan City, Hotan Prefecture

It smells so good when you bite Hotan baked samsa just taken out of pits. Glutinous spicy lamb's hoof will melt in your mouth. Hotan Night Market becomes a popular destination again after normal operation. The first day of resumption of business witnessed more than 800 visits.

Diners come to the night market following the good smell of food to taste food and enjoy singing and dancing performances.

Venue: Aksu Cultural and Tourism Bazaar in Aksu City, Aksu Prefecture

On the evening of March 18, the biggest indoor night market in Aksu City of Aksu Prefecture, Aksu Cultural and Tourism Bazaar resumed operation. Diners following the smell of food came one after another to the place full of smoke of cooking, the “nighttime economy” of Aksu began to recover.

Shashlik (skewer mutton), baked samsa, grilled fish, wontons, thin-wrapper buns...... all kinds of delicious foods are available while watching cultural performances.

Venue: Baonong July 1 Night Market in Yizhou District, Hami City

On March 21, Baonong July 1 Night Market in Yizhou District resumed business. Diners come one after another, they enjoy delicious food and talk about daily life, feeling incomparably comfortable.

Spiced chicken with chili sauce, sour soup wonton, spicy crayfish..., and the night life starts with delicious food.

Venue: Ecological Garden Night Market in Burqin County, Altay Prefecture

On March 13, Ecological Garden Night Market in Burqin County opened.

All industries are gaining recovery, and the familiar fairy tale border town has come back to life, just like this spring.

Venue: Erpu Township Food Street in Turpan City

As temperature rises, tourists from across China are coming to Turpan with great enthusiasm. Hot meat nang, rice sausage, flour lung, together with shashlik and cold noodles, it is wonderful.

Venue: the glass wall corridor of Pedestrian Mall at Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi

The Pedestrian Mall of Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar is not only a pedestrian street, but also a must-see destination of social media sensation as well as a tourism distribution center. Since the resumption of business, the average daily passenger flow of the Pedestrian Mall has risen from about 13,000 up to around 23,000 currently, and the popularity is still rising.

On March 22, which is also a Sunday, the glass wall corridor of Pedestrian Mall became a place of hustle and bustle as usual. Citizens and tourists enjoy delicious food here, which contributes to the economic growth.

Venue: Changji Snack Street in Changji City, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture

Sweet fried glutinous rice cake, steaming hot sheep entrails soup, sour and spicy handmade Liangfen, are all favorites of diners.

Spring is here, so are the "fans" of the Snack Street.

Many citizens come to dine and buy food. Nothing could be more agreeable than enjoying food with family and friends on a warm spring day.

At a time when birds fly and grass sprout, the long-lost and vibrant Xinjiang with all kinds of delicious foods of great look, smell and taste comes back.