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The Naan Industrial Park in Makit County will create employment for over a thousand people

The Naan Industrial Park in Makit County

Tianshannet news (Reporter Ma Bei, Correspondent Su Yankuan): The Naan Industrial Park in Makit County of Kashgar Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is under construction and expected to be completed by the end of June in 2020. After launching of operation, the Park will create employment for over a thousand local people, which is of great significance for consolidating the poverty alleviation achievements of Makit County.

The Makit Naan Industrial Park is located at Kumkusar Township in the south of Makit County, covering an area of about 63 mus. The investment of the Park is 26 million RMB yuan and the designed building area is 9,000 square meters, including naan production area and catering area, with 71 naan workshops.

After completion, the revenue of the Park will be rent from all 71 naan workshops and 27 stores in the Park, among them, 40% will be used for the operation and maintenance of the Park, 30% for the income of 11 villages nearby, and the rest 30% for aiding the impoverished households in Kumkusar Township.

The Naan Industrial Park will provide jobs directly for more than 500 local people. In addition, the Park will also promote the development of a series of local industries and form an industrial chain, providing indirectly 500 jobs of catering, e-commerce, logistics, cleaning, security and service. Altogether, it will create stable employment for more than 1,000 villagers nearby.

It is reported that the current daily output of naan in Xinjiang is 550 tons (about 2.75 million naans), of which the online sales are increasing year by year. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Heilongjiang and Hainan are major markets outside Xinjiang.