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Habahe County: whooper swans in the Irtysh River

Tianshannet news (Correspondent Wei ziyun, Li Xinfang): Habahe County, in the Altay Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has a unique geographical location, a beautiful natural environment and rich tourism resources. The county has diverse geographical and natural landscapes such as snow-capped mountains, rivers, lakes, wetlands, primitive forests and deserts.

Recently, in the Habahe County section of the Irtysh River, whooper swans are seen perching in the shinning and sparkling river water under the sunlight, making a harmonious and beautiful scene.

In recent years, with the increasing investment in ecological construction and intensifying efforts in wildlife protection, the ecological environment of Habahe County has been improving. The rushing Irtysh River slows down after entering Habahe County, many wetlands and large area of forests come into being. The improving environment attracts nearly 300 species of wild animals and plants to settle down in Habahe County.