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Commentary: A Path to Harmony and Peace

Nurmemet, a young man from Kashgar, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has won a local reputation as “the master of smartphone” through his hard work. He makes a living and helps others with his professional skills, enjoying a happy and peaceful life. This is the be-all and end-all of people’s well-being. Such examples can be found everywhere in Xinjiang.

At any time, positive interaction between the people’s happiness and stability in a society is a process of acquisition. The vocational training centers in Xinjiang are adapted to local conditions and meet the masses’ demand. They offer citizenship education, legal education, and career training and have played a significant role in promoting the integration of local people influenced by extremism into modern life. The centers are essential starting points to guarantee the well-being of numerous locals like Nurmemet and to assist people in need to become self-supporting and caring people.

The centers give students the confidence to live a better life and help many of them realize their dreams and embrace a glorious future. By mastering living skills, they have become comprehensive individuals. They work as car salespeople, bakers, hotel clerks, construction site technicians, medical workers, daycare center owners, and even cadres. They also acquired positive attitudes and confidence towards life after their successful integration into society. The training centers give hope to ordinary people, bring harmony and stability to the overall social environment, and lead to world peace.

Some fabricate rumors describing the training centers as “concentration camps” out of arrogance and prejudice. However, they have never been to Xinjiang. Their claims are groundless, as they are not based on any investigation. Some never intend to view or comment on the issue objectively, so they make arbitrary claims.

Just like the old Chinese saying: “You can’t discuss the ocean with a frog in well - it’s limited by the spectrum where it lives. You can’t discuss ice with a summer insect - he’s bound to a single season.” They do not understand that China endeavors to build a harmonious society for people of all cultural backgrounds. because they are used to their own history of threatening the survival of so-called heretics and have never come close to realizing the essence of “seeking harmony, not conformity.”

It is not a fault to know nothing. However, considering groundless accusations as reasonable statements or even as “genius knowledge” is entirely wrong.

China will not only firmly follow its own path - a humble one - but will not tolerate any unprovoked infringement. China will follow a path of respecting diversity and pursuing common prosperity. Some self-important criticisms against China, though they occasionally draw some attention, will eventually fade away in history. China will stick to a path with Chinese characteristics sturdily and above board to pursue harmony, which is a reward to the good and a punishment to the evil. This also eulogizes the good and the beautiful and shows no mercy for criminal activities. Unreasonable accusations against China shall not affect the stable and harmonious life of the Chinese people.

(The author is Wang Wenxi, professor at Chinese Culture Institute)