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Please Stop Fabricating Lies, Michael R.Pompeo.

Mamatili of Network and Information Office, CPC Xinjiang Committee

Recently, seeing his time in office fast disappearing, Michael R.Pompeo, former US Secretary of State smeared Xinjiang ludicrously again claiming “Xinjiang has committed crimes of genocide against humanity, Muslims and ethnic minorities .” It has once again made us, people in Xinjiang see what a grand finale means.

In recent years, the Secretary of State has been a notorious liar in foreign diplomacy. Known infamously for saying “We lied, we cheated, we stole...... It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment,” Pompeo once again shows how vicious and evil he is. He has been intentionally smearing human rights in Xinjiang, bad-mouthing the government’s efforts in combating terrorism, attacking the Chinese government’s governance of Xinjiang, inciting ethnic relations, eliminating achievements in Xinjiang and paying a deaf ear to local people’s sincere feelings.

I am a Uygur young man born in a small county in South Xinjiang. During my childhood, I enjoyed free and nice education and learned Chinese well. With the guidance and care of the Communist Party and government, I was able to have my high school education in coastal cities in South China and completed my undergraduate and graduate education.

My hometown used to see poverty resulting from backwardness in education, transportation,health care and population.In recent years, South Xinjiang has achieved full coverage of free twelve-year basic education and three-year preschool education. Free physical examination has been implemented for all people. From 2010 to 2018, the population of Uyghur in Xinjiang saw an increase of 2.5269 million and an increase rate of 25.04% from 10.1715 to 12.7184 million. The total production value of Xinjiang saw an increase of 7.2% from 91,959 million Yuan to 135.971 million Yuan,with an annual increase rate of 7.2%. The average annual growth rate per capita disposable income of Xinjiang residents is 91.%. Absolute poverty and regional poverty in South Xinjiang is eradicated. People’s sense of achievement, happiness and security have been remarkably strengthened. In Xinjiang today, people cherish security, stability and development. Mr. Pompeo will not see and is not willing to see this happen. He has spread numerous fabrications against Xinjiang to incite the harmony of ethnic groups, undermine the stability and development of Xinjiang. People in Xinjiang despise you!