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Having a Complete Liquidation against Pompeo and His Followers

Palhaltijiang·Akniyaz from Politics and Law Committee of Party committee of the Autonomous Region

Pompeo, a political speculator proud of "lying, cheating, stealing and playing the blame game ", has been despised by all Chinese people. Regarded as“the worst and most shameless Secretary of State in the history", Pompeo has long been forever nailed to history’s pillar of shame. The politician is notorious for spreading "political virus", without bottom line of morality, never forgetting to keep performing poorly on and off the political stage. His malicious comment on Xinjiang is assault, slander and all nonsense. His poor performance is nothing new. He is a liar, just like a "street mouse everyone shouts to beat". He is down and out just like a "drowned dog" or "homeless dog", which is extremely pathetic.

Today, we are going to thoroughly figure out how vicious and shameless Pompeo is. Pompeo maliciously fabricates rumors of "genocide" in Xinjiang, which exposes his vicious purpose. He slanders other countries while ignoring the blood and tears history of ethnic minorities in his country, which is like a thief crying "Stop thief!” His behavior seriously violates human morality and basic conscience and is a completely immoral behavior. The sanctions against him are proper and righteous.

Today, we are going to thoroughly figure out how treacherous and deceitful Pompeo is. Pompeo has always vigorously implemented "double standard" in anti-terrorism, which demonstrates his sinister intention of "suppressing China with terrorism". The delisting Xinjiang's “East Turkestan Islamic Movement” as terrorist outfit is sufficient to prove that Pompeo and others are the biggest backstage driving force of terrorist activities. Can't the bloody terrorist incidents suffered by the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang fully prove that the "“East Turkestan Islamic Movement” is a terrorist organization? How Pompeo is treacherous and deceitful is also reflected in his connivance and support for the notorious "East Turkistan violent and terrorist forces", meeting with them in public or in secret and colluding with each other. His behavior has violated the bottom line of law and morality. Sanctions against him are necessary and indispensable.

Today, we are going to thoroughly figure out how ignorant and obscene Pompeo is. Pompeo always speech before thinking twice. He is notorious for his "lying diplomacy". Without any factual basis, he made a rumor that "more than one million Uyghur and other ethnic minorities have been detained, and a large number of them have been tortured", which seriously hurt the feelings of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In fact, Xinjiang's counter-terrorism and deradicalization in accordance with the law is not aimed at any specific ethnic groups, but to protect all those threatened by terrorism and extremism. In specific work, Xinjiang always adheres to the principle that everyone is equal before the law. Anyone, no matter who he/she is, no matter which ethnic groups he/she is from, who violates the Chinese law, engages in terrorist and extremist activities, or endangers the safety of people's lives and property, he/she will be prosecuted by law. According to the criminal policy of balancing compassion and severity, for those who are infected with religious extremism, committing minor crimes or having unlawful acts, in line with the principle of education and rescue, are supposed to be educated and assisted at the vocational education and training center. Xinjiang Education and training center is an education and training institution established in accordance with the law under the situation of frequent terrorist attacks in the past, which conforms to the principles and spirit of a series of counterterrorism resolutions such as the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. The education and training center strictly implements the basic principles of respecting and protecting human rights in accordance with China's Constitution and laws, and fully protects the personal dignity of students from infringement.

Pompeo's understanding of Xinjiang is blank and ignorant. He is totally imaginary and subjective. He is arbitrarily fabricating facts and discrediting Xinjiang. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the Chinese government will never consent to his shameless behavior. As workers at law, we must take up the sword of justice and fight against Pompeo and his followers.

"We will not attack unless we are attacked; but we will surely counterattack if attacked." On January 21 BJT, the Chinese side announced that it would impose sanctions on 28 people who have seriously violated China's sovereignty and are mainly responsible for China related issues, including Pompeo in the Trump administration. This is really gratifying. Today's sanctions against him are the best answer to Pompeo and his followerss and the best punishment for them.