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To Expose Mr. Pompeo's political lie and ugliness with Xinjiang's Prosperity and Stability

Adily Aili,Standing Committee Member of Discipline Inspection Commission Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Mike Pompeo, “the worst Secretary of state in the history of USA.”, exerted pernicious news again, putting on a ridiculous play of “Doomsday Madness” on the world stage and showing his ugliness and sinister intentions in front of the world . For a long time, Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State has repeatedly made statements concerning China and Xinjiang on different occasions. Ignoring the facts, he has attacked and deliberately discredited the Chinese government’s strategy of governing Xinjiang, grossly interfering in China’s internal affairs. He attempted to distort and discredit Xinjiang’s anti-terrorism efforts, provoking ethnic relations in Xinjiang, in order to hinder the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Mr. Pompeo’s fabrication of various political lies, including those related to Xinjiang, is not only a great insult to the 1.4 billion Chinese people, including 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, but also a great insult to the judgment of the people of the world and the international community, and a betrayal and challenge to morality and basic conscience.

The development and human rights cause in Xinjiang should not be maliciously fabricated by anyone. It should be judged by the people of Xinjiang in terms of the reality of Xinjiang’s economic and social development. As a party member and an official of ethnic minority, I was born and grew up in Xinjiang, developing myself step by step from the grass-roots level to a government official. From my childhood to my adulthood, I have always been in a multi-ethnic family in Xinjiang when studying and working or when enjoying myself with my relatives or friends. Working and enjoying our life together for years, we have developed a friendly tie with each other, harboring a deep affection to each other. We have witnessed the great historical changes in Xinjiang and personally felt the cordial concern of the party and our country. All along, Xinjiang has fully implemented the system of regional ethnic autonomy, guaranteed the rights of people of all ethnic groups to participate in the management of state affairs on an equal basis and to independently manage their own ethnic affairs in accordance with the law, and enjoyed full and even more superior basic rights of survival and development in Education, medical treatment, culture and other fields of people’s livelihood.

Working for the program “Investigating, benefiting, and solidarizing” in the rural areas of Akto County, Kizilsu Prefecture, southern Xinjiang, I participated in and witnessed the great changes in the economy, society and people's life in southern Xinjiang. In terms of maintaining social stability, we launched the fight against terrorism and extremism in accordance with the law. On the basis of severely cracking down on violent terrorist crimes, we set up vocational education and training centers in accordance with the law to carry out the work of extremism eradication, which completely changed the situation of frequent violent terrorist activities in the past years. There have been no violent terrorist cases (incidents) in Xinjiang for more than four years, and the basic rights of citizens from infringement are maximally protected. In terms of livelihood protection, Xinjiang has achieved full coverage of nine-year compulsory education, and has achieved three-year preschool education and twelve-year basic education in southern Xinjiang. The basic public service level in urban and rural areas has been continuously improved and the social security system has been gradually improved. The basic medical insurance coverage rate of residents has reached 99.7%, and free health examination has been realized for all people. In terms of ethnic and religious policies, people of all ethnic groups fully enjoy the freedom of religious belief under the protection of law. During the four years when I was working in a village, the government has specially funded to improve the conditions of mosques, and implemented policies such as medical treatment, pension, insurance for serious illness and personal accident, minimum living allowance, and free physical examination for religious people. In terms of population development, in the past 60 years, the average life expectancy in Xinjiang has increased from 30 years to 72 years, while the population of ethnic minorities has increased by 22.14% from 2010 to 2018. During this period, the population of Uygur has increased by 25.04%, much higher than that of Han. In terms of economic development, the central government of China and the Xinjiang government allocate a large amount of special funds every year for industrial development, infrastructure construction, and livelihood guarantee in southern Xinjiang. In terms of increasing employment and income, through the introduction of enterprises, the development of the economy, the setting of public welfare posts, and the setting of various types of posts according to local conditions, the masses of all ethnic groups have been lifted out of poverty. Now in southern Xinjiang, every household has access to water and electricity, poor families have been lifted out of poverty, and the living environment has undergone earth shaking changes.

The so-called “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” committed by China in Xinjiang are all sensational false propositions and malicious farces deliberately concocted by Mr. Pompeo. They only exist in the sinister political conspiracies of Pompeiolike people. They have never, do not, and will not happen in China! Pompeio’s lies and poison will be swept into the garbage heap of history with him. Pompeio’s actions will surely be nailed to the stigma of history, stinking permanently!

As an Uygur party member and an Uygur official, as a native of Xinjiang, as a participant, witness and beneficiary of social stabilily and development in Xinjiang, I strongly condemn and firmly oppose Mr. Pompeo’s groundless accusation and malicious slander of Xinjiang! The social stability, peace, prosperity and development in Xinjiang is not easy to come by. People of all ethnic groups will cherish it and never allow anyone or any force to interfere. I strongly appeal to every Xinjiang people and Uygur people to sharpen eyes to see clearly Pompeo’s evil plot and sinister intention, and thoroughly smash the political plot of Pompeo and his gang!