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Retroactive Pompeo Is Not Welcome

Alijan Mamat, Xinjiang Artists’Association

Xinjiang is at the best time of development in history as it is socially harmonious and stable, economically developing with sustained pace, and its people enjoying life and work. However, Pompeo, a liar and cheater, is unwilling to see Xinjiang as it is now. He is restless and has tried hard to slander and smear with remarks marked with intentional ignorance and disregard of reason and facts. He has bad-mouthed and pointed fingers at human rights, anti-terrorist actions guided by law, and deradicalization. On behalf of all the artists of all ethnicities, I condemn Pompeo and oppose strongly what he has remarked. His so-called “authorization” utterly desecrates the very words “human rights”and is nothing but waste paper.

Being an ethnic artist born and growing up in Xinjiang, I have witnessed its development and change. Since the 1990s, the three forces created several thousands of terrorist attacks, which resulted in immeasurable loss of innocent lives, property, severely undermined social stability and common order of life, trampled people’s rights of life, health and development, and seriously hindered the social economic development of Xinjiang. We witnessed all.

Against such severe backdrop, it is of urgent need to secure social stability and permanent security in Xinjiang by combating terrorist activities and containing the spread of extremist ideas.In recent years, basic rights of human beings such as being free from the dangers of terrorism and extremism have been secured, thanks to the implementation of various methods taken by the local government of Xinjiang. Combating terrorist crimes in accordance with law and taking preventive measures from the root are two ways to fight against terrorism. The government has integrated various means including improving people’s livelihood, strengthening law education, establishing vocational education and training centers lawfully to safeguard citizens’ basic rights of being free from the dangers of terrorism and extremism. People of all ethnicities in Xinjiang are the most authentic to speak for themselves in terms of Xinjiang issues. So far, Xinjiang has been free from the dangers of terrorist crimes for more than four years, which meets people’s expectation of safety and security in living and working situations, safeguards their basic rights of life, health and development, thus enabling them to have strong sense of attainment, happiness and security.

Cared and cultivated by the Communist Party and the government, I became a university student(sponsored by the government) and learned the art of Chinese painting. Immersed in artistic creation, I have been infatuated with the depth and profundity of the excellent Chinese culture and love art, the Chinese culture deeply. As what I love becomes my career, it is really the best joy in life. As a member of the ethnic group, I love my hometown and I love every part of it. I feel grateful for being in the great time, in the great and prosperous motherland. I am not at all willing to see it is slandered and smeared by Pompeo, the hypocritical politician.

Justice rests in people’s heart. China’s achievements in combating terrorism and social administration is plain to the eye. Pompeo’s remarks about Xinjiang’s efforts in counteracting terrorism and deradicalization are full of fabrications, showing his plain lack of respect to Xinjiang people’s right to live and his indignity to the sublime idea of human rights. Using words such as democracy and human rights, Pompeo slanders Xinjiang so as to mislead and cheat the public for recognizing the real Xinjiang. His intention is insidious and he is mean in playing it.He practices double standards in issues of terrorism and extremism so as to shield and tolerate those forces, which severely violates international justice and values, human morality and conscience and is absolutely unacceptable to people holding kindness and justice as core human values. Hegemony advocated by political liars and fabricators like Pompeo has brought fatal harm to the world and is not welcome. Those who play with fire will be doomed by it and those who do harms to others will be destroyed by themselves. The lesson of 911 is yet to be learned. We strongly advise that Pompeo and the like mind your own business instead of finding fault with others.

Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang. Xinjiang affairs are purely China’s internal affair, and no foreign country or force has the right to interfere with it. Pompeo’s political lies only make all the Chinese people, including people in Xinjiang see clearly his vicious intention and the nature of his double standards and make people get more united. Pompeo, don’t become a common enemy to mankind. As far as Xinjiang issue is concerned, your flubdub is not welcome and you will hurt yourself by your own doings like smashing your own feet with lifting rock.