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Firmly Oppose Pompeo’s Xinjiang-related Fallacy

Arimujiang Tayier, Xinjiang People’s Publishing House

On January 19, 2021, Pompeo, the “worst Secretary of State in American history”, published a Xinjiang-related fallacy on his official twitter. He ignored the facts, attacked and deliberately smeared the Chinese government for no reason, grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs and seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. Pompeo and others always use human rights as an excuse to wantonly slander the human rights in Xinjiang and the anti-terrorism and de-radicalization measures taken in accordance with the law, to confuse black and white, to maliciously attack our government’s policy of governing Xinjiang, to deliberately slander the human rights situation in Xinjiang, to wantonly discredit the anti-terrorism and de-radicalization measures we have taken, to obliterate all development achievements in Xinjiang, and to ignore, including the Uyghur nationality, the true feelings of the masses of all ethnic groups, once again exposed Pompeo’s bottomless double standards and hypocritical and ugly hegemonic logic.

As a native Uyghur in Xinjiang and a participant, witness of Xinjiang’s stability and development, I feel extremely indignant when I heard Pompeo’s Xinjiang-related fallacy, and express my firm opposition and strong condemnation to it.

In recent years, under the guise of human rights, Pompeo and others have repeatedly slandered and discredited China’s governance policy in Xinjiang. Out of ideological prejudice and ulterior motives, they engaged in “double standards”, “selective blindness” and “selective aphasia”, confused black and white, distorted facts, interfered in China’s internal affairs, issued groundless lies and fallacies that deviated from the truth, and attempted to deny Xinjiang’s great efforts in anti-terrorism and de-radicalization, and denied Xinjiang’s remarkable achievements in the cause of human rights. In this regard, the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will never agree to this and firmly oppose it. His words and deeds seriously violated the international morality and human conscience, and were despised by all the people. His double standards and hypocrisy were once again exposed to the world.

Xinjiang was once deeply plagued by the “three evil forces”. Through violence, sabotage, intimidation and other means, terrorist forces wantonly trampled on human rights, harmed innocent lives, endangered public security, created social panic, and seriously threatened people’s lives and property. Xinjiang has carried out the struggle against terrorism and de-radicalization in accordance with the law, effectively curbed the tendency of frequent terrorist activities, and maximally guaranteed the basic rights of people of all ethnic groups, such as the right to life, the right to health, the right to development and other basic rights.

As we all know, since the end of 2018, officials from many countries and regions, representatives of international organizations, news media and religious groups have visited Xinjiang. When they move from home to home in cities and villages in Xinjiang, they see a stable, united and harmonious society and people of all ethnic groups living and working happily. They all praised the achievements of Xinjiang’s anti-terrorism and de-radicalization work, and generally believed that Xinjiang’s experience in anti-terrorism, de-radicalization struggle and human rights protection is worth learning. However, despite the objective evaluation and positive reports of officials, international organizations and news media, Pompeo distorted the facts and wantonly slandered and groundlessly accused the Chinese government’s governance policy, anti-terrorism and stability measures and human rights situation, which fully exposed their “double standards” on anti-terrorism issues and their purpose of gross interference in China’s internal affairs under the banner of “human rights”.

Since the reform and opening up, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the country has been prosperous, the people have lived in peace and harmony. They have been working hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It can be said that the great motherland is the strong backing of our people of all nationalities, and the beautiful Xinjiang is our common home. Only in the embrace of the motherland can we be happy. Those of us who have experienced and participated in the real situation in Xinjiang have the best say. It is the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang who have the final say on how well Xinjiang performs.

I firmly believe that no slander and malicious smear can stop the great unity of the Chinese nation, or the concerted efforts of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. No rumors can erase the fact of Xinjiang's development and progress, and no attempt to destabilize Xinjiang will succeed. Our people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang hold together like seeds of a pomegranate. Any plot or action to split and destroy the region will be in vain. With firm determination and resolute action, we will safeguard the good situation of stability and harmony in Xinjiang, and Xinjiang will surely have an even brighter future.