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Our Happy Life Cannot Be Smeared

Hamit Mamat, News Center, Xinjiang Radio and Television Station

My name is Haimiti Maimaiti, and I am a Uyghur journalist from Xinjiang, China. Being a journalist means that one should tell the truth, recording what the eyes see and the ears hear and what really happens. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently spread lies and rumors again on Xinjiang-related issues, made groundless attacks and deliberately smeared Xinjiang. As a native of Xinjiang, I was furious when I heard his nonsense.I would like to ask Pompeo, “Have you ever been to Xinjiang?”, “What are your facts based on? ”, and “Don't you feel ashamed and have no qualms about spreading rumors, fabricating lies and hurting the feelings of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang?”

The Chinese government has previously issued a series of white papers, including The Fight Against Terrorism and Extremism and Human Rights Protection in Xinjiang, Historical Matters Concerning Xinjiang, and Vocational Education and Training in Xinjiang, which are full of detailed data and clear facts. I would like to ask Pompeo, “Where did your fabricated lies come from?” You don’t believe all these because you are unwilling to accept the great changes that have taken place in Xinjiang and the happiness of the people in Xinjiang.

I would like to ask Mike Pompeo, “Have you ever been to Xinjiang?” I have lived here for over 30 years and have never heard of anyone troubled by the birth control. My child is three years old, very lively and lovely. This year my wife and I plan to have a second child, which is based on my life goals and arrangements and not controlled by anyone. My younger brother, who married at 22, is now a father of two, and our families often get together to talk about life. Not only did no one interfere in the matter of having children, but my wife enjoyed a series of national fertility policies when she gave birth. There was no such thing as “forced sterilization” fabricated by Pompeo.

I'm a reporter. I'll tell Pompeo the truth in numbers! From 2010 to 2018, the population of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang increased by 2.8749 million, of which the Uyghur population increased by 2.5469 million. This is the truth, if forced sterilization stays, where do these numbers come from? All these show that the population of ethnic minorities such as the Uyghurs in Xinjiang has been growing continuously, and there is no “forced sterilization” in Uyghurs at all. Have you ever seen such “genocide” with a high rate of population growth in the world?

Let's talk about another issue “forced labor”. As a reporter, I have been to all parts of southern Xinjiang. Maimaiti Yiming, whom I met during the interview, is a farmer from Kanaituokelake Village, Paikeqi Township, Shache County. He engages in breeding with the monthly income of 5000-7000 yuan, and his wife goes to work in the neighboring village kindergarten with the monthly income of 1500 yuan. In addition, the family has 30 acres of land, of which 15 acres of land have been transferred. The total income last year reached nearly 100,000 yuan. He told me that due to the good policies of the Party and the government to support starting company he wanted to set up a construction company to do contract projects and lead more villagers to increase their incomes. Such examples are numerous in Xinjiang. Pompeo, I think you don't believe those examples because you never want all ethnic people in Xinjiang to be happy.

A lie is a lie, and justice is in the people’s heart. Pompeo's attack on “genocide” in Xinjiang is totally malicious and false. As we all know, Pompeo allowed racial discrimination to flourish during his tenure, most notably the death of an African-American man named Lloyd Floyd. All these fully reveal that ethnic minorities in the United States suffer from bullying and exclusion, and face long-term and extensive discrimination in various fields such as politics, economy, culture and social life.

People of all ethnicities in Xinjiang have the best say in what happiness is. At present, various undertakings in Xinjiang are thriving. People of all ethnicities in Xinjiang embrace each other like the seeds of a pomegranate and live a happy life they want. This is the real reality of Xinjiang.

The development of Xinjiang and the happy life of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang can never be slandered by clowns like Pompeo.