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I’ll Tell You What The Truth Is

Gulichekere Aishan, college student village official of Laohutai Township, Baicheng County

My name is Gulichekere Aishan. I live in ahebulong (10) village, Laohutai Township, Baicheng county. I am an ordinary girl of ethnic minority. I was born, grew up and worked in Xinjiang. I graduated from Xinjiang Agricultural University in 2020, and now I am a college student village official in the village. My wish is to use the knowledge I have learned to contribute to the construction of my hometown, so after I graduated, I gave up the good salary in big cities and resolutely returned to my hometown, planning to use what I learned in the university in the construction of my hometown.

Pompeo claims that there is “genocide” in Xinjiang. If so, why does our country goes all out to show the concern to the life of the masses? After the COVID-19 broke out, our country insists on the supremacy of life in the process of epidemic prevention and control. It always regards the life of the people as the highest mission, and protects the life and health of all the people including the Uygur. It shows that our country attaches great importance to human rights, and the country provides free treatment for the COVID-19 infected people until they are thoroughly recovered. I am very proud of the fact that I was born and live in China.

If there is “forced labor” in Xinjiang, why does the government actively help us get a better-off life? The essence of forced labor is oppression and exploitation. “Forced labor” has never existed in Xinjiang. On the contrary, the masses in Xinjiang have their own labor freedom. As long as they want to leave their hometown to work, the party and the government always encourage and support them. If they don’t want to leave their hometown, the leaders of the village will try every means to help them. The government has never apportioned any labor to the masses and force them to work. When I was in school, due to the lack of labor force in my family, the field in my family was left uncultivated and the cattle and sheep were left untended. When the village committee got to know this situation, they immediately organized the members from “Investigating, Benefiting, and Solidarizing” program team in the village and the members of the village committees to set up a mutual help group to help the masses cultivate the land in the field and tend the cattle and sheep through the form of co-op till the end of the year. There are many such cases around me. To participate work is honorable for everybody. Happy life is won through hard work. There is no need to force people to work. If there is forced labor in Xinjiang, why do the government officials actively help us and our country makes great effort to help the masses get rid of poverty and get a better-off life?

If there is “forced birth control”, why is the Uygur population increasing? Since I was born, our country has implemented the family planning policy. The party and the government have been encouraging and supporting healthy pregnancy and birth. When it comes to the pregnancy and birth concerning Uygurs, the government has never required compulsory birth control. From 2010 to 2020, the Uygur population in Xinjiang has increased from 10.1715 million to 12.7184 million, with an increase of 2.5469 million, which is 2% higher than that of the Han population. For example, my family has three children, and my uncle Turhong Keremu also has three children. These cases and data fully prove that there is no basis for “compulsory sterilization” fabricated by Pompeo, who is slandering China and Xinjiang. Because they do not understand the situation in China and envy China’s good policy on birth control, they want to make use of China’s family planning policy to stir up ethnic disputes and deliberately poison people of ethnic minorities in China, spreading extreme ideas into our country in order to destroy our good life.

Facts are facts, and the truth is the truth. Pompeo turned a blind eye to the facts and maliciously discredited and attacked China and Xinjiang. This is something we must not tolerate. We should hold together like pomegranate seeds to smash Pompeo’s distorted speech.