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Women Holding Half the Sky across China especially in Xinjiang

Kawuljan·Kasim, Translation Office of General Office of the Party Committee of Autonomous Region

Recently, former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement, falsely claiming that Xinjiang implemented "compulsory sterilization" on Uygur women and other fallacies. Pompeo, an anti-China politician, the worst and the most malicious Secretary of State in the history of the United States, made groundless accusations against the current situation of Chinese women especially Uygur women, which were totally unfounded and malicious rumors and speculation! From 2010 to 2018, the number of Uygur population in Xinjiang increased from 10.1715 million to 12.7184 million, an increase of 25.04%. Only from this data can we see that the remarks of Pompeo and other anti-China politicians are lies.

The Chinese government has always attached great importance to women's rights. Current version of Constitution of China stipulates: "women in the people's Republic of China enjoy equal rights with men in political, economic, cultural, social and family life. The state protects women's rights and interests, practices equal pay for equal work, and trains and selects women cadres. Marriage, family, mothers and children are protected by the state." Under the protection of the law, the status and rights of women of all ethnic groups, including Uygur women, have been fully guaranteed.

Once upon a time, under the influence of religious extremism, some Uygur women in rural areas became "men's accessories" and "birth machines". They could not hold up their heads at home or in society, and had no status at all. Today's Uyghur women, under the protection of the law, enjoy the same rights as men. Their education level has increased significantly, the proportion of non-agricultural employment has increased significantly, and their awareness of political participation and opportunities have improved significantly. They can decide their own affairs according to their own wishes, and they are no longer subject to "domestic violence" and discrimination.

He who makes no investigation has no right to speak. During more than three years' stay in the village in southern Xinjiang for poverty-eradication, I saw with my own eyes that the social status of Uygur women has improved significantly and actually held up half the sky. If the rumors Pompeo and his followers spread are true, then I would like to ask: so many Uygur women have become village committee heads, town heads and county heads, Does it mean women have no status? So many Uygur girls have been admitted to universities and start businesses all over the country, does it mean women have no status? There are many Uygur women among the deputies to people's congresses and people's Political Consultative Conference at various levels. Does it mean women have no status? Well, I'm going to ask Pompeo, a clown, what does “have no status” refer to?