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I Am Very Happy in Xinjiang

Dilixiati Tuerxun, Yangbulake village, Huiyuan Town, Huocheng County

My name is Dilixiati Tuerxun, an Uygur villager of Yangbulake village, Huiyuan Town, Huocheng county.

In 2018, favored by a tourist attraction, the ancient town of Huiyuan, I set up a business called “orchard family” at home, a recreational farmhouse to receive tourists from all over the world. Through the ceaseless effort of my wife and I, the scale of our business has been expanding, and our business is getting increasingly busy year by year, and our income is also increasing. Among the tourist we received, I made many friends from inland provinces, I also made many foreign friends. With Some of them, I have developed with very close tie, and so far I have contacted with them. Last year, my wife opened a massage shop in Huiyuan, and the number of my sheep have increased from 5 to 20. The business of sugar gourd is getting bigger and bigger, and my life is really more and more prosperous.

Recently, we learned that Pompeo has used all kinds of lies to slander our country’s policy of ruling Xinjiang, and his remarks are getting even more outrageous and crazy. We think he is really a clown. Under the guise of so-called human rights, he tried to destroy our stability and beautiful life.This is not allowed by people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. As to whether our life is good or not, the common people have the most say! In China and Xinjiang, our human rights have been fully protected, and the traditional customs and habits of ethnic minorities have been fully respected. People of all ethnic groups live in harmony and are close to each other like a big family. Pompeo is not qualified to tell us what to do.

I am so proud of being a Chinese. The strength of our motherland and the grace of China as a great country has been fully showed in the combat with COVID-19. All the people in China are united together to fight the epidemic. The 56 ethnic groups in China, like brothers and sisters, are living in a big family. We love our motherland very much. We show our opposition to anyone who attempts to destroy our good life .

I am really glad that I am a Chinese. Especially after the outbreak of the epidemic, the epidemic-combating measures adopted in our country have given us a reassurance. I firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the party and the government, our life will be better and better. I am enjoying a happy life.