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The Tail of a Rabbit Cannot Be Long — Mike Pempeo’s Lies Are Bound to Fall Through

The Tail of a Rabbit Cannot Be Long — Mike Pempeo’s Lies Are Bound to Fall Through

Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Erkin Tuniyaz

In recent days, U.S. former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hysterically barks again in his last days in office. As the worst secretary of state in U.S. history, he slanders and smears Xinjiang, and wantonly attacks on Communist Party of China and Chinese government by fabricating the downright lies, which are irresponsible remarks totally. It thoroughly exposes Pompeo’s inner nature as a liar with rogue , arrogant and hegemonic personality. Originally, for the doomsday clown Pompeo, we are above revealing his hideous inherent nature and despicable acts as a cheater. However, in order not to make his voice taint the ears of the people of the world, not let his clown appearance blind the eyes of the people of the world, not let his foul language affect the friendship between the people of China and the United States, as a native minority cadre of Xinjiang, I would like to stand up to expose and cast aside Pompeo’s doomsday lies with the strongest dissatisfaction.

Pompeo falsely accused that Xinjiang established “internment camps” that illegally detained and prosecuted one million Uygurs and other ethnic minorities. That is pure rumor for no reason, which thoroughly exposed his hideous face of a political swindler. Xinjiang’s lawful fight against terrorism and extremism is a just measure recognized and supported by the international community. Xinjiang has learned counter-terrorism and deradicalization experiences from the international community. Striking on violent terrorist crimes while addressing the root causes of the problems, Xinjiang established vocational education and training centers which is a school in essence helping trainees get rid of religious extremism, mastering vocational skills, and achieving stable employment. The VECT provided trainees vocational courses training and free accommodation and board to meet their reasonable needs in study, life and entertainment to the greatest extent. In October 2019, all trainees who learned standard spoken and written Chinese, vocational skills, laws, and deradicalization courses have graduated, and have achieved stable employment, improved living quality and lived a normal life under the help of local governments.

The so-called “forced labor” in Xinjiang is simply nonsense that fully exposes Pompeo’s bottomless despicable morality. We take the facilitation of employment as the most fundamental project for ensuring and improving people’s well-being. In accordance with the opinions of masses, we adopt active employment measures including guiding people to find work nearby, realizing trans-regional employment within Xinjiang, transferring employment to Xinjiang-aiding provinces and cities, to help workers of all ethnic groups achieve stable employment and live a happy life to the largest extent. Following the Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China and guaranteeing all rights of workers of all ethnic groups according to law, Xinjiang has made the establishment, operation, supervision, and mediation of labor relations be taken in legal track, and strictly prohibited forced labor by means of violence, threats or illegal restrictions on personal freedom. In the employment process, laborers of all ethnicities in Xinjiang choose their jobs out of their free will, and sign labor contracts with companies and receive payment on the basis of equality and voluntariness. They also enjoy full freedom in deciding where to work.

Where is the so-called “forced labor” in Xinjiang? Pompeo smeared that Xinjiang repressed ethic minority populations and committed genocide against Uygurs. That is totally baseless. Xinjiang implements family planning policy, and the population of Uygur and other ethnic groups has been increasing. From 2010 to 2018, Uygur population growth rate was not only higher than Xinjiang’s population growth rate, but also higher than that of ethnic minorities and a lot more higher than Han’s. Meanwhile, as poverty alleviation campaign making decisive achievements, living and production conditions have improved significantly in southern Xinjiang; urbanization has accelerated and more people live in urban areas; people’s education and cultural level has also improved a lot, with more people favoring delayed marriage and fewer and better births, and independently choosing safe, effective and appropriate birth control measures. There has been no such a problem of "mandatory sterilization" in the region. Pompeo claimed that Xinjiang “cracks down religion freedom and deprive ethnic minorities of the right of religious belief” out of sinister motives, which completely confuse right and wrong.

The Constitution of China stipulates that it is a completely independent choice of citizens to believe in, or not believe in, any religion. No organization or individual may compel citizens to believe in, or not believe in, any religion; nor may they discriminate against citizens who believe in, or do not believe in, any religion. No citizen suffers discrimination or unfair treatment for believing in, or not believing in, any religion. The international community and Muslim countries have made positive comments on Xinjiang’s measures on respecting and protecting religious freedom. Xinjiang has set up Institute of Islamic Studies and 8 branches as well as School of Islamic Institute. There has been 10 religious schools in total, carrying forward Islam orderly. Xinjiang’s protection of religious freedom has been commented actively by international communities as well as Islamic countries. Regardless of truth, Pompeo slandered groundlessly that Xinjiang has suppressed religious freedom. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

So-called “China has committed crimes against humanity to ethnic minorities like Uygur”is political conspiracy. Their evil intentions of disrupting China came out in the open. CPC’s original aspiration and mission is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation which include all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The CPC has made work of Xinjiang as an important cause for the Party and the whole nation. We have held 3 central work conferences on Xinjiang to discuss Xinjiang related work. It is under the leadership of CPC, great changes have taken place in Xinjiang with outstanding achievements in economic developments and people’s livelihood. Both sides of the Tianshan Mountains present social stability, economic prosperity and people living in peace and contentment. People’s sense of gain, happiness and security have being improved. When I made research in primary levels, all ethnic groups are satisfied with government’s policies for the people. They said that there would no happy lives like this without the Communist Party of China. They are grateful to the CPC and our country from the bottom of their heart. I can’t figure out the origin of so-called “crimes against humanity” claimed by shameless Pompeo.

“A centipede does not topple over even when dead.” People like Pompeo and their “masters” have perpetrated so many horrible crimes such as anti-establishment, anti-democracy and anti humanity, revealing the true colour of some 200 years “beacon of light”. Condemnation of conscience, the world’s contempt and trials of history will due to come. Just like drowning dogs’ last whining. They were barking at heroic nation with five thousand years history and has never been intimidated by any people, any forces or any hegemony. Under the strong leadership of CPC, we are more confident than ever to realize the China’s national rejuvenation. The great rejuvenation will by no means be disrupted, sabotaged or stopped by any presumptuous attempts. All of these will be swept into the dustbin of history.

From the perspective of Chinese Zodiac, Pompeo was born in the year of Rabbit and rabbit was his animal sign. There is a fable The tortoise and the hare in Aesop’s Fables. There is a Chines proverb: “the tail of the rabbit –cannot be long.” Pondering this for a while, I recommend dog to be Pompeo’s zodiac animal sign. As an elder brother 2 years older than you, there is something I want to tell you:“you are 57-year old with nothing remarkable but tons of fabrications aiding an evildoer to do evil.”How dare a crippled dog barking in front of us. I have never seen any shameless person like this!