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Lying Machine Mike Pompeo Doomed to be Cast into Dustbin

Lying Machine Mike Pompeo Doomed to be Cast into Dustbin

Jarulla Hisamidin

Vice Governor, People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

  On January 19, 2021, the day before his stepping down as U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo cooked up “the lie of the century”, attacked and slandered China’s policy governing Xinjiang, and meddled in China’s internal affairs, performing“doomsday insanity”, which makes me extremely outraged, dissatisfied and disgusted.

  Pompeo is backstage manipulator of terrorism. All ethnic groups in the autonomous region live in happiness with stable society, robust economy, ethnic solidarity and harmonious religion. There is no acts of terrorism in the last more than 4 years. However, Pompeo isn’t willing to see the harmonious and stable situation in our region. To contain China with terrorism, he revoked the designation of Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement as “terrorist organization”, acting as the sponsor and manipulator of terrorist forces brazenly. He has connived at and supported the “Eastern Turkestan” forces, and met some members of the notorious terrorist and separatist organization, including Arapat Arkin, Furqat Jawdat several times. He was lenient with them and argued for them with double standards, which exposed Pompeo’s evil nature against humanity, civilization and peace.

  Pompeo is a lying machine of spreading malice everywhere. Ignoring the facts, he despaired to smear and slander Xinjiang with his talking nonsense. Facts speaks louder than words. From 2014 to 2019, GDP in Xinjiang has increased from 919.6 billion to 1.3 trillion yuan with an annual growth of 7.2%. 3.0649 million of population under the current poverty line have been lifted out of poverty, and 3666 villages and 32 counties have been removed from the poverty list. Absolute poverty in Xinjiang have been solved historically. During the 13th five-year plan, the autonomous region has built 1.2936 million affordable apartments in urban area to solve housing problem for more than 4 million people, and built 1.1698 million safe houses in rural to ensure all peasant households accession to safe housing. All residents have been provided free physical checkup. The nine-year compulsory education has been provided to cover the whole region, while in south Xinjiang, the three-year pre-school nursery and twelve-year fundamental education are free to all kids. We have implemented the first stage of replacing coal with electricity to ensure 605 thousand households accession to electric heating system. The autonomous region has built hygienic washrooms in 84.95% rural households, household garbage collecting, transporting and processing systems in 97% administrative villages and 13.4 thousand domestic sewage treatment. Those tangible achievements have given all ethnic groups in Xinjiang the sense of fulfillment, happiness and security and proven the words of Pompeo absurd and laughable. His act is to slander Xinjiang on the related issues at the end of his term, a big disgrace to the professional ethics of career diplomat, and will be condemned by history.

  Pompeo is a clown specializing in slandering. He claimed falsely that Xinjiang curbs ethnic minorities and takes genocide against Uygurs, which is totally nonsense. In fact, the population of residents in Xinjiang has increased from 21.8158 million to 24.8676 million by 13.99%. Among them, Han increased by 2%, ethnic minorities increased 22.14%, and Uygurs increased from 10.1715 million to 12.7184 million by 25.04%.

  Uygur population growth rate was not only higher than Xinjiang’s population growth rate, but also higher than that of ethnic minorities and a lot more higher than Han’s. The rumors about the population and family planning in Xinjiang fabricated by Pompeo were groundless in front of the solid evidence. He smeared Xinjiang of suppressing religious freedom. The lies were created out of thin air. People’s right to religious belief is fully guaranteed. Normal religious activities and religious requirements were protected and fully met. We have improved the conditions of religious places such as mosques. The Koran and Irshad al-Sari li Sharh Sahih al-Bukhari have been published. In contrast, during Pompeo’s tenure, he cracked down the Muslims without considering the discrimination faced by ethnic minorities. Data showed that 75 percent of Muslims in America believed there has been sever discrimination against them in the society. Even mainstream media outlets including the New York Times have called on to solve the increasingly serious racial discrimination problems multiple times. Now the whole world seemed to focus on “ Black Lives Matter”. Currently, the death in the US caused by the Covid-19 reached 400 thousand, many of them were ethnic minorities. Pompeo made himself a laughingstock by criticizing the speck in others’ eyes while ignoring the beam in his own eyes.

  People like Pompeo are notorious rascals. He tried every means to make a fuss with Xinjiang-related issues. Ignoring the fact that Shaylagul Sawutbay was a crime suspect for loan fraud and illegal border crossing, Pompeo named her the International Women of Courage Awards. Such typical CIA tricks including “mining and arson” explained the life creed of “we cheat, we lie and we steal”. Besides China, Pompeo also pressured Iran and Cuba and intimidated the European countries. His own ambition was positioned superior than state interests. Withdrawing from international groups and breaching agreements were his common tricks. Believing in the law of jungle and unilateralism, he is posing an increasingly threat to the international order. Reviewed by the American media outlets, Pompeo did all this for his own purpose as he was staring at the seat in the oval office. During his tenure as the Secretary of State, he held banquets with the money of taxpayers to entertain the elites from politics and business circles. Under the guise of official business, he was actually accumulating financial supporters. His ridiculous acts of smearing Xinjiang and portraying himself as the anti-China fighter was to make political capital before leaving the post. This made him a “mad dog” barking everywhere.

  Lack of ethics, and addicted to cheating and lies, Pompeo is a shameless rascal. We must sharpen our eyes to see the true color of people like him. He made issues with Xinjiang to impede and interfere in our development. His evil intentions are doomed to fail. Dogs’ barking will never stop the camel teams. No smear and slanders can hinder the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang from forging ahead in unity. I believe, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, we will embrace a brighter a future! People in our region will enjoy better lives!