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To Oppose Malicious Smear and Take the Lead in Resisting the Slander

Abuduxukuer Abudula, an staff member of Dawanqi Management Committee in Baicheng County

On January 19, ignoring the facts, Pompeo once again concocted Xinjiang-related slanders such as “human rights oppression”, “forced labor”, “genocide”and “forced sterilization”. I was born and grew up in Xinjiang. I have great love for the great motherland and I am very proud of the prosperity and development of Xinjiang. I am a participant, witness, and beneficiary of the social stability and prosperous development in Xinjiang. We are extremely indignant at Pompeo’s shameless behavior and absurd remarks! Today I want to say “we have the most say as to the stable development of Xinjiang!”

Pompeo’s groundless and absurd remarks are aimed at undermining the unity of people of all ethnic groups and hindering the process of our great rejuvenation. His sinister intention is apparently known to all. "A lie can’t turn into a truth though it is told a thousand times.” Therefore, I would like to tell the masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, especially our Uygur folks that we must sharpen our eye to clearly identify Pompeo’s ugliness and sinister intentions.

The beautiful Xinjiang is rich in natural resources. The Uygur people are good at singing and dancing and are hospitable. All ethnic groups in Xinjiang are united together like pomegranate seeds. Our society is secure and peaceful. The evil force led by Pompeo are slandering, fabricating groundless lies and from time to time, they make slandering remarks and deny the joint effort of the masses of all ethnic groups . As Xinjiang people, we must not allow them to bark wantonly. In the past 70 years since the founding of new China, the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have been holding together like pomegranate seeds. In the long historical process of the Chinese nation, Xinjiang has always been a region where all ethnic groups in China blend, live in harmony, work together and develop harmoniously and where various religions coexist. With a variety of ethnic cultures, Xinjiang is the main channel of the ancient Silk Road. Today, we live happily in the embrace of our motherland and in the big family of our motherland. The masses of all ethnic groups in rural areas live and work in peace and contentment. Bazaar (market) is full of all kinds of goods, and the masses of all ethnic groups in the community dance Xinjiang dance accompanied by the happy and cheerful music. The people of all ethnic groups in Baicheng County share the fruits of reform and development and live happily. Students enjoy a free 15-year education. Pension insurance and medical insurance have been promoted in an all-round way. Farming and employment are under subsidization. Baicheng county has been rated as one of the “top ten roaming places in China”, and its urban construction has made rapid progress, having realize the goal of one small green space within the distance of 300 meters, one small garden within the distance of 500 meters and one park within the distance of 800 meters. Baicheng county has won such honorary titles as National Healthy County and Civilized County of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Kizil thousand Buddha Cave, a national key cultural relic protection unit, has been included in the intangible cultural heritage list by the United Nations. It is a symbol of harmonious coexistence of different cultures and religions. “Only feet know whether the size of shoes is appropriate is not”. We people in Xinjiang know best whether our life is good or not! “Although the dog barks, the camels are still moving forward!” Any attempt by Pompeolike people can not distort the process of development and prosperity of Xinjiang.