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Say No to Distorted Statements

Shabila Tuerxun, a villager of Langanmaili Village, Wuzan Town, Nilka County

I am Shabila Tuerxun, a Uygur villager in Langanmaili village, Wuzan Town, Nilka County, Xinjiang. There are seven people in my family. My family used to be a poverty-stricken household. The party and the government sent people to help us how to get rid of poverty, and the financial situation in my family life began to improve slowly.

I used to live in a shabby rustic house, but now I live in a two-story building. The party and the government gave me poverty alleviation cattle and helped me develop improved breed cattle breeding. The children in our village have free lunch at school, we farmers have subsidies for farming, and so on. We enjoy various policies for benefiting the people and have got rid of poverty. I took part in the pastry training class held by the village committee and learned how to make pastry. Finally I mastered a vocational skill . What makes me most happy is that in March 2020, with the help of the government, I got a public welfare job with a monthly salary of 1500 RMB. The stable and reliable job guaranteed a happy life for me.

However, a couple of days ago, I learned from TV and mobile phone that on internet Pompeo made some remarks that are not conducive to the peace and social stability in Xinjiang and that are not conducive to the Uygur people. This is wrong! My mother-in-law is 86 years old this year. She often tells us about the changes in Xinjiang. She tells us that the good life today is a hard-won fruit. Without the Communist Party, New China would not have been founded, let alone the happy life of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. We live in Xinjiang and we are the biggest beneficiaries. we have the most say about Xinjiang.

Pompeo, you are thousands of miles away from Xinjiang. You know nothing about Xinjiang. You have never been to Xinjiang and you have never been to the beautiful Nilka County. Without any personal experience in Xinjiang, you don’t have the right to speak about Xinjiang. We Uygur people don’t need you to speak for us. The Uygur is one of the Chinese family members. They don’t need your malicious and hypocritical care.

The social stability in Xinjiang is a hard-won fruit. As a Chinese citizen and a constituent of the Chinese nation, we have the obligation to say no to Pompeo’s distorted statements!

Pompeo, you are not welcome to Xinjiang and we Uygur people do not welcome you.