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Goodbye, Clown Pompeo!

Anywar Akmu, vice president of School of pharmacy, Xinjiang Medical University

In recent years, some American politicians represented by Pompeo, out of their own political conspiracy, have regarded lying and smearing as a common practice. They fight against China and stigmatize China by using the bandit logic to gain political capital. They even ignore the facts, distort history, create something out of facts, and do their best to engage in prejudice and hatred. They often "show their bottom line" and have no even a little integrity. As a middle-aged expert of Uygur pharmacy who was born in an ordinary family in Shanshan, Xinjiang, I would like to ask you two questions.

If there were "genocide", what would you say about the following data? In fact, the population of Xinjiang Uygur and other ethnic minorities has been growing. According to statistics, from 2010 to 2018, the permanent resident population of Xinjiang increased from 21.8158 million to 24.8676 million, an increase of 3.0518 million (an increase of 13.99%). The Uygur population increased from 10.1715 million to 12.7184 million, an increase of 2.5469 million (an increase of 25.04%). As a Uygur born and raised in Xinjiang, I have witnessed the growth of Xinjiang's population. I was born in Xinjiang and lived with students of all nationalities since I was a child. I had been in the same class with students of all nationalities since kindergarten. Later, I went to middle school and was admitted to Fudan University in Shanghai with excellent grades. After graduation, I was admitted to graduate school. In the warm embrace of a multi-ethnic family and with the help and cooperation of my colleagues from all nationalities, I soon became a Uygur expert in pharmacology. As my Chinese Han language is good, I accept new ideas faster, and can be quickly used in teaching, scientific research and management work! There are many Uygurs around me who have the same experience as me. They receive good education, enjoy the preferential policies of the Chinese Communist Party, live happily and have a harmonious family. This is the most basic fact in Xinjiang. In front of the facts, I want to tell you that we are living a good life! You are a liar!

If there were a "crime against humanity", what would you say about the following facts? According to the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, workers of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang can choose their jobs according to their will, sign contracts with relevant enterprises in accordance with the law on the principle of voluntariness and equality, and obtain corresponding remuneration. They also enjoy full freedom in choosing the place of employment. Workers of all ethnic groups have the right to remuneration, rest and vacation, labor safety and health protection, and social security. Insurance and welfare rights and other rights have also been implemented and protected in accordance with the law. In terms of education, in order to improve the education level and population quality of ethnic minorities, the Chinese government has adopted supporting policies for ethnic minorities for a long time, and the right to education of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang has been fully guaranteed and embodied. In my graduate and working stage, Professor Du Niansheng made great efforts to guide me to analyze nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and other technologies, and guide me how to do scientific research. During the covid-19 epidemic in 2020, head nurse Qu Linnan, a colleague of the sampling team, learned about my oral ulcer and gave me watermelon and medicine. There are many such examples, which make me deeply feel the brotherhood of all nationalities. Nowadays, students have the opportunity to study in spacious and bright classrooms, and ethnic experts and teachers have the opportunity to further their studies. The development of Xinjiang has encountered a golden opportunity. I want to tell you that the unity of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang is like pomegranate, we are very good! You are a loser!

Without the Communist Party of China, there would be no happy life for us now! In February 2017, I went to Moyu County of Hotan to serve as the first Secretary of the task force in Tograk village. In the past three years, I have brought my knowledge and professional advantages into full play, led the villagers to develop the economy together, carried out education. I have witnessed the progress and great achievements of poverty alleviation in our village. During my stay in the village, Ayshagli and her husband got rid of poverty and had a good life by learning the national common language well and working in Xinjiang Medical University. There are so many examples like this. Thousands of Uygur and other ethnic intellectuals like me have grown up under the long-term care of the CPC and our country. I want to tell you that with the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the future life of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will be better! Your provocation is doomed to failure in the beginning!

Mr. Pompeo, Covid-19 has caused about 400,000 death in the United States , more than the total number of deaths both for combat and non-combat in World War II, so please solve the epidemic situation in your country first. Farewell! Pompeo, the worst Secretary of State in American history!