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Happiness Is Achieved through Hard Work

Osman·Mamat, Nurbag Village of Payxamba bazar Town, Xinhe County

My name is Osman·Mamat. I'm 48 years old. I took a primary school education. I live in Nurbag Village of Payxamba bazar Town, Xinhe County of Xinjiang. I'm a native peasant in Xinjiang.

Our village used to be a village in deep poverty with a large population while less land and a single source of income. Villages used to leave the village for jobs to earn money to support their families. I once worked as a bricklayer in Urumqi. Being migrant workers outside the village for a long time is not a long-term solution. It has always been my wish to go back to my hometown for development. I did not resolutely set foot on the road of going back to my hometown for development until some villagers called me and said that there are many good policies in my hometown to help our poor families. Our family has only 2 mu of farmland to support seven persons. We mainly grow walnuts, wheat and cotton. We always find it difficult to support our family with enough food and clothing only depending on the income of one year.

In 2016, I contracted for another 5 mu of farmland to grow cotton in the neighboring Karadong Village. After that year's harvest, although the income was not much, I will always remember the bright smile on my wife's and children's faces, and the family life was gradually improved. Later, the village committee organized more rural land transfer, and I contracted more farmland to grow cotton in Nurbag Village, up to 20 mu at most.

Now, great changes have taken place in the living conditions of my family. We live in spacious and bright houses thanks to Comfortable Housing Project, and buy private cars, televisions and refrigerators. Later, under the guidance of the government, I focus on breeding and reproduction of cows and pigeons. Now we have an annual income of more than 40,000 yuan.

The real purpose of Pompeo's so-called statement attacking Xinjiang is to make us go back to the previous days of poverty. We peasants in Xinjiang resolutely refuse to accept it.