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No Rumors and Lies Can Hide His Ambition

Ismayil·Yusup, Imam of the Djumah Mosque in Erbao Village of Erbao Town, Yizhou District of Hami City

I'm Ismayil·Yusup, Imam of the Djumah Mosque in Erbao Village of Erbao Town, Yizhou District of Hami City. Recently, I learned on my mobile phone that Pompeo wantonly spread a series of absurd remarks on Xinjiang issues, such as the so-called "genocide" and "crimes against humanity" occurred in China. This is totally not the truth, and his remarks have seriously hurt the feelings of the people of Xinjiang of China. As a religious figure, I express my strong indignation and resolute opposition to him!

As a religious person, I fully enjoy the rights of religious freedom. Muslim in Xinjiang have their diet, festivals, wedding and funeral rituals and other customs fully respected. For ethnic minorities with burial customs, the government allocates land for cemeteries; as far as naming, circumcision, weddings, funerals and other activities are concerned, the government fully respects them; Muslims’ normal religious activities such as fasting, worship and prayer are carried out in full accordance with their personal wishes, No one is ever intervened. During Ramadan in 2020 and COVID-19 pandemic occurred, the government also arranged medical services for mosques, providing free masks for Muslims, measuring body temperature, dispensing drugs, and regular disinfection in mosques, so as to ensure that religious villagers could conduct normal religious activities.

In recent years, some small, dilapidated mosques have even become decrepit and dangerous buildings, which cannot be used to conduct religious activities normally, and even seriously threaten the personal safety of the Muslims in the mosque. At the suggestion of our religious figures and Muslim villagers, the government has solved the problem of dilapidated mosques through new construction, relocation, expansion and other measures. Moreover, the conditions of mosques have been generally improved. Public services such as water, electricity, gas, heating, roads, communications, radio and television, medical and health services have been fully equipped in mosques, which greatly facilitates the Muslim villagers’ prayer. We all feel very satisfied.

I was fortunate to have attended two-year college education in Xinjiang Islamic Institute from September 2018 to September 2020. All the accommodation and meals were free during the school year, and the 1000 yuan per household registered residence allowance was continued to enjoy. When I was in school, the government helped me solve my difficulties in production and life in my family, so that I had no worries about my family. All religious people are included in the social security system and enjoy medical insurance, endowment insurance, serious illness insurance and personal accident insurance. They are also given a free physical examination every year. During festivals such as the Ruzi Festival and the Korban Festival, the government also send people to come to visit our religious people to help solve the difficulties in production and life in my family.

As we all know, Pompeo is afraid of China's strength, so he discredits Xinjiang with all ugly lies and uses all unscrupulous tricks to alienate the feelings among all ethnic groups. But what Pompeo does will never succeed. Their conspiracy will be kicked away by all people in Xinjiang!