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We Live a Happy Life Which Makes Pompeo Jealous

Nulgul·Harfidin, Toudaohezi Vllage, Huayuan Town, Balikun County, Hami City

I'm Nulgul·Harfidin from Toudaohezi Vllage of Huayuan Town, Balikun County of Hami City. Recently, I browsed on my mobile phone and saw Pompeo telling lies again, saying that Xinjiang is not in good situation because Uygur people are not happy and of no freedom. I think Pompeo is a mad man.

Let me tell you my story. In 2014, my husband, in order to make a better life for our family, applied to Siping Construction Company, with a monthly income of 2,300 yuan. In 2016, with the help of the government, we applied for a 30,000-yuan micro loan for poverty alleviation to buy three camels, apart from our own three camels, which enabled us to start our camel breeding business. Taking advantage of the natural grassland, we carefully managed the business and sold camel milk and camel hair, which increased family income significantly from 2,300 yuan per month in 2014 to 8,763 yuan per month in 2016. Now, with the increased family income at hand, we were able to buy an apartment with three bedrooms at Yihe Resident Complex in the county, and a small truck to facilitate transporting forage, and pay off the loan in advance. In 2020, we applied for another 30,000-yuan micro loan for poverty alleviation to develop the stock raising, and now the days are getting better and better. My family's real happy life is inseparable from the government's preferential policies and care, and the sincere help of village cadres.

My camel milk is sold well. My children are guaranteed to go to school and health insurance available. We have ample space to live at home and live a happy life. So Pompeo, please don't spread rumors to make trouble.