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Pompeo’s Lies Cannot Deceive the People of Xinjiang

Remina Xiaokaiti,Xinjiang University

I am a Uygur intellectual born and raised in Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. I graduated from the Institute of Religious Culture, Sichuan University in 2011. It was appalling and indignant to see the former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s poisonous remarks concerning Xinjiang. The so-called ‘genocide’, ‘crimes against humanity’, ‘religious persecution’ and other hideous ‘crimes’ were nothing but his smear and slander.

My beautiful hometown is located in the southernmost of Xinjiang, where couldn’t be viewed as affluent, but people there live and work in peace and stability. I received good education in such an environment and pursued higher education in one of the best universities in China. However, I noticed that the clothing, language and living habits of some Uygur compatriots around me changed in the 1990s with the occurrence of the so-called “ social order defenders ” who interfered with the dress of minors. They blatantly abused parents who did not ask their children to wear turbans, and beat women who did not wear veils. In rural areas, parents began unwilling to send their children to the spacious and bright schools to acquire knowledge. It was also in that period when violent terrorist events were frequently seen in Xinjiang. It was anguished for me to see all that. I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to my hometown ? What should I do ?

Later on, I realized that this was the result of the infiltration of religious extremism. In order to attain their devious goals, those religious extremists disregarded the lives of Uygur compatriots by making them become “suicide bombers”. If there were no governance and control, Xinjiang would have become a turbulent place and the life of the Uygur people would have fallen into deep fire. Perhaps Xinjiang would have become the hotbed of the second Bin Laden and the second Zakavi! Mr. Pompeo, is that what you would like to see in Xinjiang?

We love the present-day Xinjiang which is free from religious extremism infiltration and violent events.I am the mother of two children.It is my hope to see my children live in a peaceful country where they can receive good education and have a meaningful life. There is a saying in Xinjiang which goes “lies cannot deceive the locals.” I believe that Mr. Pompeo can’t deceive the intelligent people of Xinjiang no matter how he smears and attacks. Thick mountains cannot stop the river from flowing into the sea. Mr. Pompeo has fallen from power. But Xinjiang, teeming with beauty, harmony, unity and hope, will always be here, marching forward and prospering.