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Strong Condemnation on Degraded Conduct of Pompeo: Smear on Women's Happy Life in Xinjiang

Women’s Federation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

On Jan. 19 (EST), Mike Pompeo, former US Secretary of State, released Xinjiang-related fallacies, launching groundless attack and premeditated slander on Xinjiang by claiming that Xinjiang conducted “forced sterilization”, “forced labors” and “removal of children from their families”. It is sheer nonsense. Women’s Federation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region would like to express resolute opposition and strong condemnation.

Reproductive rights of women from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are at their own disposal. Pompeo’s remarks on “forced sterilization” in Xinjiang are absolutely shameless smears. As a matter of fact, family planning is a basic national policy of China. The Regulations of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Population and Family Planning are embraced by women of all ethnic groups including Uygur women since its implementation. Couples of childbearing age are given scientific instructions on family planning by the government, and women are free to choose whether or not and how to practice contraception, with no organization or individual may intervene. Thanks to the family planning policy, women of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang can afford more time on raising children, taking care of family, making it possible for them to go out and broaden their horizon, learn and achieve self realization.

Women of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy full freedom of employment. Pompeo’s groundless statement on “forced labor” is nothing more than a fake tale. In fact, we, women of Xinjiang, are fond of labor, and believe that “happiness is achieved through hard work”, and ready to make a better life with our own hands. Women of all ethnic groups can choose their professions voluntarily, sign employment contract according to the law. Their rights of receiving work incomes, rest and vacation, working security and hygiene and social insurance and welfare are protected by law. In addition, legitimate rights of women during pregnancy, delivery period and lactation are also safeguarded. Xinjiang has implemented aiding policies for women’s startups, eliminating any barrier that hinders women’s rights of equal employment. In 2019, among 480.9 thousand newly employed in cities and townships, 228.1 thousand were women, accounting for 47.43%. Women of all ethnic groups equally participate in socioeconomic development, share achievements of reform and development, with more and more women making crucial contributions to stability and development of Xinjiang.

Women’s rights of educating children are well safeguarded. Pompeo’s remarks on “removal of children from their families”is an absurd smear on Xinjiang’s education cause. In reality, Xinjiang pays profound attention to education, prioritizes development of education by increasing investment, realizing educational projects that benefit people, guaranteeing every child to have equal rights of education and schooling. According to the statistics, as for the end of 2019, Xinjiang has 12757 fundamental education institutions, 5.89 million students, 484 thousand teaching staff. The gross enrollment rate of preschool education is 95.95%, and 99.9% of school-age children are enrolled to primary schools. We have realized full coverage of nine-year compulsory education around the region, and four prefectures in southern Xinjiang provide 15-year free education to all children. In order to effectively solve the schooling problem for children in remote farming and herding areas, Xinjiang has implemented the Educational Law of the People’s Republic of China, fostering boarding schools, concentrating quality education resources, so that more children can enjoy better facilities, teachers and campuses. Whether to apply for boarding or not is entirely a voluntary choice of the students and their parents. Boarding schools take good care of students in terms of their study, life, safety, physical and psychological health. Both students and parents all embrace boarding schools. We don’t know where in Xinjiang, which school and which child Pompeo did see that was separated from their parents by force and suffering trauma? Which parent was forced to send his or her child to boarding school against free will?

Pompeo’s shameless slander will not be able to undermine Xinjiang’s overall social stability, to interfere with good and peaceful life of women of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and their growing-up children. In face of solid facts, what Pompeo has done is bound to be a stigma in history forever.