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Pompeo! Never Think Your Lies Can Fool Us!

My name is Aydidar Qahar, granddaughter of Rebiya Kadeer. I live in Tianshan district of Urumqi. Over the couple of days, I watched online how Pompeo made hysterical, vicious slander on Xinjiang. I am very outrageous by his fallacies and the trick of thief crying “stop thief”.

I have received good education since my childhood, enjoyed the best education resources in Urumqi. My teachers at school were also very responsible. Hence, I was admitted to one of the leading high schools and eventually became a student of Xinjiang University. After graduation, thanks to the employment aid by the government, I found a job at a big investment company, and became an urban white-collar. Many of my classmates have enrolled into college, and are doing well. Pompeo lied that the government suppressed us Uygurs. If that were true, could we go to college and work for state owned enterprises?

Now, I am very glad working in this company. My monthly salary is over 5000 RMB after tax, and our company is making a good profit. Based on the Labor Law, the company pays social and medical insurance, housing provident funds for us. Among these, housing provident funds are my favorite. With these funds and some more help from parents, I can afford to buy my own apartment. Pompeo said, the government was forcing Uygurs to work against their will, which is nonsense. I can assure you that no one has ever forced me to work in that company, I applied for the job in that state owned company on my own. I am quite satisfied with my current job and I hope I can make a better life with my own hands.

I spend my leisure time, just like any other Xinjiang girl, on hanging out with friends, traveling. Sometimes I go to coffee shop or bar to chill out. The other day, I went to Nanshan for skiing, I am also good at snowboarding. Sometimes I hang out with my cousin Qadirya. She is a graduate student of Xinjiang Medical University, now preparing for her wedding. These days, I have been accompanying her to buy what is needed for her wedding. I am very fond of this kind of free, happy and fashionable life. I would like to ask Pompeo what he meant by saying “our freedom to travel and emigrate is restricted”. Does he really know about our life? Does he have conscience? How I wish he had!

My family is doing well in terms life and work. My parents run a Tobacco& Liquor Store where all kinds of beer, baijiu and wine are available. Although they have a brisk business, I keep reminding my dad that drinking alcohol is injurious to his health. I have an elder sister named Dildar. She is an English major at university, now working at a coffee shop to get some working experience so that she can start up her own business in the future. My elder brother Zulpiqar runs an orchard of famous Bingtangxin apple in Aksu. He also runs a popular agritainment restaurant inside the orchard. We all are leading a happy life. Pompeo described Xinjiang as a “prison”, but does he really know what Xinjiang is like? Our Xinjiang is a land of freedom.

Taking this opportunity, I would like my grandmother to think over: Pompeo said we don’t have any freedom here, but if we really don’t, how could we contact you? You should never believe a liar like him who has no conscience at all. Grandma! We are witnessing tremendous changes in Urumqi, we have metro and high speed trains. The city environment has become more beautiful and comfortable. We hope that you can come back and see by yourself so that you won’t be used by a bad guy like Pompeo.

Pompeo kept criticizing our beautiful Xinjiang in order to sow dissension among ethnic groups, destroy our stability and prevent us from having a happy and peaceful life. As an ordinary Chinese citizen, an Uygur girl, I want to exhort Pompeo that our eyes are discerning, don’t ever try to fabricate lies and smears, and make a fool of yourself!