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Pompeo, Go Back to School to Study Again!

Students’ Federation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

On January 19, Pompeo shamelessly propagated that “we lied, we cheated, we stole...it reminds you of the glory of the American experiment”. He impenitently repeated the old rumors and groundless information before leaving the post and made a show of “last-day madness”. Slanders created and spread by him such as “Uygur culture extinction” or “forced labor” was totally nonsense. Students’ Federation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region expressed strong indignation and firm opposition!

No matter how did Pompeo lie about us, the stability and growth in Xinjiang will never be covered up; the truth that people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy happy lives will never be changed; the fact that students of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang grow up healthily in the warmth of their motherland will never be wiped off.

The studying environment for students of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang is quite good. The beneficial projects including education program have been implemented continuously in Xinjiang with infrastructure of schools and the educational environment being improved. Thus the conditions of school operation and the quality of education have been improved remarkably. Now, there are kindergartens in every village of Southern Xinjiang. The primary and junior high schools spread over cities, counties and villages. There are colleges in each prefectures and prefecture-level cities. Goals that children of school age all have access to education and master skills have been realized. In 2019, the gross enrollment rate of preschool education in Xinjiang reached 97.51%, the net enrollment rate of primary school and junior high school reached 99.97% and 99.78% respectively, the gross enrollment rate of senior high school was 98.82%, all the figures representing record highs. Ethnic students’ rights to use their own ethnic spoken and written languages are fully guaranteed. Xinjiang strictly implement the Law of Regional Ethnic Autonomy of the People’s Republic of China, Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Standard Spoken and Written Chinese Language and the Education Law. Students’ ability to use the standard spoken and written Chinese language has been improved in an all-round way. Meanwhile, students’ rights to use their own ethnic spoken and written languages have been fully guaranteed. The ethnic minority language courses are included in compulsory education. Schools are encouraged to carry out ethnic traditional cultural activities. These measures were beneficial to the inheritance and development of ethnic minority languages and culture. Graduates of colleges, and technical secondary schools enjoy freedom to choose professions. In recent years, the local government implemented employment and entrepreneurship promotion program and provided sufficient jobs for graduates to maintain economic growth. Schools and society provided targeted service to graduates in various forms, including employment guidance training, entrepreneurship competition and job fairs. The employment rate of graduates of all ethnic groups has been improved steadily. In 2019, the employment rate of university graduates in Xinjiang reached 90.36%, and the employment rate of ethnic minorities who graduated from universities in other parts of China and returned Xinjiang reached 95.08%, both figures representing record highs. The employment choices for graduates in Xinjiang become more and more diversified. They can be teachers, doctors, they can conduct scientific research or they can be their own bosses. If they want to follow the trend, they can be live-streamers, Internet influencers, or rappers. Anyway, they can choose whatever and wherever they want to do. Students of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy harmonious campus life. Students learn from each other, help each other and tolerant each other. They are close as families as they study and play together. Students communicate and integrate with one another. They are united as the seeds of pomegranates. Due to the dietary habit and customs of ethnic minority students, schools at different levels all have halal canteens. All kinds of cultural and recreational activities will be held during the traditional festivals of ethnic minorities. Students of all ethnic groups celebrate festivals and enjoy the happiness together.

Pompeo, we heard that you were a graduate of the West Point. But your performance did not conform with the Students’ Honor Criteria of the West Point - “No lying, deception, or burglary”. You are a shame! As you step down the post, you are determined to explore every corner of the “Lying Diplomacy”. What an extraordinary show of “last-day madness”. You are surely the worst Secretary of State in US history. Students’ Federation of Xinjiang strongly recommends you to go back to your school! Study a few more years and try to be qualified!