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Facts Speak Louder than Words, Truth Cannot Be Profaned

Hasiyeti·Hazi, College of Foreign Languages of Xinjiang University

Recently, former US Secretary of State Pompeo's Xinjiang related statement is not only a great insult to the 1.4 billion Chinese people, including 25 million people in Xinjiang, but also a betrayal and challenge to morality and basic conscience. As a Uygur who grew up in Xinjiang, I think it is proper to regard his statement as "lie".

I don't know why Pompeo repeatedly stated such lies, and I don't know why he claimed so disregarding the facts? In my own growth, I have not suffered any form of discrimination or repression. On the contrary, I have always felt a relaxed and fair social atmosphere since I was young. What I feel is that no matter what ethnic group he is, he enjoys the same opportunities, and is able to create a better future. I study hard and work hard, and my efforts have been rewarded, my achievements have been recognized by the establishment I work in, my career has won people's respect and I live a rich and happy life through my own effort.

My hometown, Xinjiang, is a beautiful and rich place. The beauty of Xinjiang lies not only in its unique scenery, but also in the unity and harmony of the people living here. We have lived here since childhood. We all have classmates, colleagues, neighbors and friends of different ethnic groups. We learn, grow, work and live together. We are as close as a family. We communicate with each other cordially and naturally and often forget our different ethnic identity. However, since the 1990s, our happy life has been covered in haze. Due to the influence of terrorist, separatist and extremist forces (three evil forces), a few people have been bewitched and exploited by people with ulterior motives. Frequent terrorist attacks have caused great harm to the safety of life and property of people of all ethnic groups and seriously damaged our harmonious and peaceful life. Facing the realistic threat of terrorism and extremism, the government has taken decisive measures to carry out the struggle against terrorism and for deradicalization in accordance with the law. This is a preventive measure taken in accordance with the law to conscientiously implement the United Nations Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism for the prevention of violent extremism, which has effectively guaranteed the security and stability of Xinjiang and the life safety of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Facts have proved that these measures are in line with the reality of Xinjiang and have achieved remarkable results, wining the support of the people of all ethnic groups.

Living in Xinjiang, I have witnessed the government's unswervingly standing on the side of the masses who love peace and long for a better life for a long time, and witnessed a series of measures and achievements of the government against extremism and protecting the people. Through vocational education and training centers, some people bewitched once have got to establish a sense of the rule of law, master vocational skills, and change from victims of religious extremist ideas to people who can distinguish right from wrong, self-supporting and self-dependent, dominating their own lives. At the same time, the people of all ethnic groups living in this land have a more stable and better life, and their rights and interests of survival and development have been guaranteed to the greatest extent. Isn't this the guarantee of basic human rights?

Not only the people of all ethnic groups living in Xinjiang but also many ambassadors and envoys in China fully recognize the preventive anti-terrorism and deradicalization measures taken by the Xinjiang government of China. They, through their visits, have given positive evaluation and high affirmation to the great achievements of Xinjiang's economic and social development and the achievements of the Chinese government in combating and preventing terrorism and deradicalization in accordance with the law. They believe that Xinjiang's successful experience is worth learning and using for reference. The resident ambassadors of more than 50 countries in Geneva, including Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Algeria, jointly wrote to the president of the UN Human Rights Council and senior human rights officials to support China's position on Xinjiang related issues.

A lie is always a lie, and a thousand lies cannot cover up a fact: through the efforts of the government and people of all ethnic groups, Xinjiang has achieved social stability, sustained economic development, and people's living and working in peace and contentment. Xinjiang has been free of violent and terrorist cases for more than four consecutive years, with a sharp drop in criminal cases, public security cases, security cases, and public security incidents; a decisive victory has been achieved in poverty alleviation; the local social security system has become increasingly improved, with the implementation of free health examination for all, and the participation rate of residents' basic medical insurance has reached 99.7%.

Hard facts can never be distorted by lies of gross interference in internal affairs. I have colleagues and relatives in southern Xinjiang to help carry out poverty alleviation work. They unite and work very hard, eating, living and working with the villagers. With their wisdom and effort, they have changed deeply poor villages, making deep friendship with the villagers and bring them advanced knowledge, ideas and living habits, which has completely changed the outlook of villages and spiritual outlook of villagers! How can a government that cares for the people and helps the poor have anything to do with "genocide" and "violation of human rights"?

I believe in truth and despise lies. I strongly oppose Pompeo's "statement" as a kind of malicious statement that disguised displacement of concepts, arbitrarily distorts and wears colored glasses. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will never be cheated by lies and fallacies.