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Slander on the Fact of Xinjiang's Stable Development Not Permitted

Dilawar·Tuniyaz,Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences

On January 19, the last day of Trump's reign, former US Secretary of State Pompeo brought his doomsday madness to the extreme and declared that the Chinese government had committed "crimes against humanity" and "genocide" against ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang. This kind of complete lie is full of fallacies and indefensible. It is the "last madness" of Pompeo and his followers against China. As a Uygur learner on philosophy and social science, I firmly oppose it.

In those years when religious extremism frequently occurred, bright skirts, ordinary T-shirts and jeans, and high-heeled shoes in the wardrobe were all covered with ashes; beautiful hair with highlights did not dare to be put down or cut too short for fear of being too ostentatious or too unconventional; any Uygur lady shopping with short sleeves was afraid of being criticized; even ladies with short skirts were afraid of being hurt; parents worried their children with beautiful princess skirts would be criticized; people having foreign fast food were afraid of being criticized violating convention, I was afraid of my study on female Uygurs being criticized challenging male chauvinism. People didn't dare to go out alone and go home late. It can be said that violent extremists have destroyed our peaceful life, and I hate them.

Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State, who has finished his term of office, does not know the harm that people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have suffered because of the frequent violent and terrorist activities. The violent terrorist incident on July 5, 2009 is still fresh in my memory. It not only hurt the victims, but also deeply hurt me and all the people living here in Xinjiang and love Xinjiang. In those years, I was really worried and afraid of those violent and terrorist behaviors. What should I do if it happened to my family and my friends? In the face of the severe situation, the Party and the government have taken decisive measures in accordance with the law to carry out the struggle against terrorism and deradicalization, and build shield for all ethnic groups in Xinjiang from suffering. In the past four years, there has been no violent terrorist case in Xinjiang. Pompeo, do you think it is a "crime against humanity" to severely punish violent terrorists in Xinjiang, and the deradicalization measures taken are "genocide"? How can you take your lie as a truth! What do you want?

There are 56 ethnic groups in China, a population of 1.4 billion in this big family. Our ID card, registered permanent residence and passport are all printed with “People's Republic of China”. What do these Chinese characters represent? Have you ever thought about it, Pompeo? It represents the strong national strength to keep her people safe, so that every Chinese is able to sleep and have a dream peacefully every day, and get up early to work every day; it represents that people in China are supported enough food and clothing, and will not worry about starvation; it represents that Chinese people can study at ease and fight for own dream; it represents that Chinese people can bring up their children at ease and be filial to their parents. Only with a strong country and a stable social environment can all this be achieved.

Today, the coronavirus epidemic is still prevalent. So the Xinjiang government has taken effective measures to protect the safety and health of people of all ethnic groups. But when the COVID-19 broke out and became prevalent, the population of African Americans infected was more than 5 times as white Americans, and the mortality rate was far higher than that of whites, highlighting racial inequality in the United States. May I ask Pompeo, isn't the unequal medical security for African Americans a kind of anti-humanitarian? What have you done for the American people, especially for ethnic minorities like African Americans? Looking at more than 20 million infected people and more than 400,000 deaths, you only protected yourself, and shamelessly attacked China with lies to cover up your inaction.

I do not permit you to slander my hometown. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang live and work in peace happily, which never allow outside forces to interfere, let alone Pompeo's bossing and gossiping. Any attempt to undermine Xinjiang's prosperity and stability and hinder China's development is doomed to fail.