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Let Facts Conquer “Lies”

Mubalaike Sikangdaner, Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences

On January 19, Mr. Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State madly issued a statement on the last day of his term of office, declaring that against Uygur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, China had committed “genocide” and other crimes against humanity. This absurd and big lie of Pompeo and his gang, interpreted by a Uygur proverb, is that the dying scorpion stings people desperately, which is purely “the struggle of doomsday”.

In recent years, Pompeo’s fallacies about China have multiplied, and he has constantly concocted lies on the issue of Xinjiang, which has set off a series of anti-Xinjiang propaganda in the international community, and constantly distorted and discredited the Chinese government’s policy of governing Xinjiang. Pompeo’s intention is very sinister. Obviously, the shameless talk of “genocide” this time is more vicious and malicious, a hype violating all moral principles. The purpose of fabricating “genocide” lies is not the fabrication itself, but to use lies to discredit China’s image, to “overthrow” China in public opinion and morality, and then to carry out diplomatic containment, strategic suppression and disintegration against China while constantly stirring up chaos in Xinjiang. This is gross interference in China’s internal affairs. As a Uygur scholar of philosophy and social science, I strongly condemn and firmly oppose Pompeo’s vicious behavior and speech!

As for the truth of Xinjiang, the prosperity and social stability of Xinjiang is the best answer. With the rapid development of Xinjiang, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, including Uygur, lead a happy life. People of all ethnic groups hold together like pomegranate seeds. This is a true fact in Xinjiang.

Facts always speak louder than words. Ethnic minorities in Xinjiang have been favored and helped from the national policy level concerning education, religious rights, political rights and other aspects, and considerable development and comprehensive protection have been achieved for ethnic minorities in Xinjiang in the above fields. As a young Uygur researcher growing up in Xinjiang, I feel that I have the right to speak out and safeguard the truth. I grew up in Turpan and had been educated in Turpan before I went to university. My primary school education is implemented in my mother tongue. When I was in junior high school, I took part in a selection examination and was admitted to a bilingual school. Until the college entrance examination, I received bilingual education. My Chinese national language competence has improved by leaps and bounds, and my Uygur language ability has not declined at all. When selecting the college after the college entrance examination, we enjoy the admission quota from the famous universities in China. At that time, Turpan implemented the incentive mechanism and granted big reward to high school graduates who were admitted to the top ten famous universities, and the vast majority of the reward winners were students of ethnic minorities. Under the guidance of the chief of teaching affairs of my school, I selected Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and also enjoyed the first significant scholarship in my life.

After I came to Wuhan, I learned and lived with the super smart students from all corners of our country. In the process of learning and living together, I deeply realized that I needed to work harder and harder, and more importantly, I felt the care and warmth of teachers and students of all ethnic groups who regarded me as their relatives. Every festival, teachers and students living nearby would invite me home, bringing me the warm feeling of home in a place thousands of miles away from home. At that time, the school also provided a platform for all ethnic minority students to have a better understanding and respect for each other. It is also because of this platform that we have a better understanding of the excellent traditional culture and customs of the ethnic minorities in the north and the south of our country. It is also because of this platform that I have a deep understanding that the exchange and integration of various ethnic cultures in China has formed the magnificent Chinese culture.

With the encouragement of the teachers and students around me, I was admitted as a master candidate of Uygur literatures to the Minzu University of China for nationalities. Mr. Zhang Tieshan, my supervisor, taught me from ABC. He patiently guided me, a layman who transferred from another disciplinary field to the current one, like my father. At the same time, I deeply feel that the language, excellent traditional culture and customs of the ethnic minorities in Xinjiang have been well protected and inherited. So far, more than 100 ancient books of ethnic minorities have been included in the national ancient books list; twelve Muqam and Maixirep have been listed in the world intangible cultural heritage list and the intangible cultural heritage list in urgent need of protection respectively. Isn’t it the evidence that the excellent traditional culture of all ethnic groups has been effectively protected and inherited?! As a verse goes,

At the cock’s clairon calls the world sees broad daylight,

Music plays far and near, songs from Yutian come here.

It is obvious to all the people of China that China’s policy of governing Xinjiang is to stabilize Xinjiang and benefit the people. In Xinjiang, a series of favorable policies and livelihood measures have been introduced, benefiting the people of all ethnic groups and making the society prosperous and full of vitality. Pompeo turned a blind eye to the facts and made up all kinds of lies, including those related to Xinjiang. The so-called “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” committed by China in Xinjiang is a sensational false proposition deliberately concocted by Pompeo. They are trying to create the so-called Xinjiang problem and undermine China’s security and stability. However, the current good situation of social stability, prosperity, unity and harmony in Xinjiang can not be destroyed by the lies of Pompeo, nor can they shake the firm determination of the Chinese government and people of all ethnic groups to safeguard national sovereignty, security, development and the long-term stability and development of Xinjiang.