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The Light of Truth Is Hard to Be Covered by a Lie

Aikelidan Abulajiang, a counselor, College of Psychology, Xinjiang Normal University

Recently, I learned from the media that in the last few days of his term of office, Mr. Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State still tried his best to discredit and attack China and concocted two crimes for us. he falsely claimed that Xinjiang’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities constituted “genocide” and something "anti-humanity". I decided to write this article in order to enable more people to learn about our free, harmonious, and prosperous life, to shut Pompeo’s stinking mouth smelling off Cold War corruption, and to persuade all people in the world not to believe his lies.

I grew up in a compound characterizing ethnic unity in Urumqi. My neighbors include many ethnic groups, such as Uygur, Han, Kazak, Hui, Xibe, Mongolian, etc. We have a very harmonious relationship. As children from different ethnic groups, we enjoyed ourselves together, playing mischievous, and later we grew up, learning and celebrating together. There are several Han girls who have become my best friends. Now we often go shopping, have parties, and share our secrets with each other. I remember that when I was a child, my national language competence was not very good, and I had some difficulty in class, so every day after school, I went upstairs to find “mother Wang” at her home and asked her to help me to do my homework. “Mother Wang” is a Han aunt who has a very good relationship with my mother. She witnessed my growing up. I have been calling her “mother Wang” since I was a child, and she always calls me daughter. It was under the patient guidance of “mother Wang” that I not only made great progress in pronunciation and writing on national language, but also developed good study habits. My grades in all courses were getting better and better, and I was successfully admitted to the key middle school in the city. Later, I went to study in a university in Chengdu. After I went to the inland city from Xinjiang, I got my vision broader and made many friends. I unconsciously compared excellent students from all over the country with me, consulting and learning from them, constantly summarizing my advantages and disadvantages, and frequently improving the plan for my future. During the four years of university study, I and my three roommates respectively from Hubei, Hunan and Guangxi became bosom friends and formed a study group for postgraduate entrance examination. We encouraged, helped and supported each other. All of us successfully passed the postgraduate entrance examination and was admitted to our favorite universities to further our study.

It can be said that my life and study experience from childhood to adulthood has never been away from the big family of ethnic groups. As a Uygur girl, I do not feel any discrimination just because I am an ethnic minority or a Uygur. On the contrary, my growth and progress are inseparable from the support, help, and encouragement of teachers and peers of all ethnic groups around me and from various preferential policies of the government for ethnic minorities as well.

Now, I have become a young teacher in Xinjiang Normal University, and increasingly I have felt the importance attached to education in Xinjiang by our country. Now more and more students of minorities have the opportunity to enter the university to receive higher education, and the talents of ethnic minorities have an increasingly broader development space. In our university, from the university leaders to teachers, every staff member is very concerned about students of ethnic minorities. In addition to their help for the students’ daily life and academic work, they do not forget to send their holiday regards to the students of ethnic minorities every new year. On the Corban festival in 2020, the university leaders and teachers personally went to the students’ dormitory to deliver Sanzi and desserts prepared by school teachers themselves. All these made the students feel the warmth of home. On the whole, during the one and half years of working in the university, I felt more deeply than ever the special attention, care and support to Xinjiang from our country. If there were no national preferential policies for Xinjiang, and no concern of governments at all levels for the people of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, there would be no happy life for the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Two years ago, as a government official, my father had the honor to go to Akto County in Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture to participate in the poverty alleviation work. He often tells me about the benefits brought by the national poverty alleviation and people benefiting policy to the people of all ethnic groups in Akto county. What is particularly moving is that the policy of benefiting people in Xinjiang covers all aspects of people’s work and life, from medical care to pension, from housing to education, from poverty alleviation to employment etc.. In order to completely solve the poverty problem in Xinjiang, especially in southern Xinjiang, the government promoted employment assistance to help people achieve stable employment and increase their income; the government subsidized the development of animal husbandry in southern Xinjiang to ensure that the income of family animal husbandry increased to 10000 yuan; experts were also sent to guide families in southern Xinjiang to reasonably plan the layout of their courtyard, improve the economic benefits of the courtyard, and effectively make small courtyard into small garden. They planned to take good advantage of the small courtyard. My father often tells me that the national poverty alleviation policy is very good and that what he and the village administration were thinking about day and night was how to implement the national policy effectively so that the people of all ethnic groups in Akto County can get more benefits and live a better life.

I believe that every ordinary person growing up in Xinjiang is a witness to the happy life here. A person who is so far away from us doesn’t have any qualification to talk nonsense about Xinjiang! Wave the false banner of “protecting human rights”, Pompeo showed his hypocritical care of the Uygurs in Xinjiang. In fact, he wanted to stir up ethnic dissension, destroy our good life, and prevent our development. His crazy and shameful actions are against our will and doomed to be a failure!