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Pompeo, Where Does “Forced Labour” Come From?

My name is Yimin Tuohet. I live in Group 8, Youkakejiamu Village, Gongqingtuan Town, Wensu County. I remember in my junior school, influenced by religious extremism, I became fed up with my study, deeming that acquiring knowledge was not so useful. After graduation from high school, I was engaged in wedding photography. During my work, I compiled into others’ video of wedding photos some pictures and small cards like niqab with strong religious colors, causing some negative effects.

In 2017, encouraged by my family members, I came to the vocational education and training center to study. At the beginning, I had a little antipathy. Under the patient persuasion and guidance of my teachers, I came to realize the importance of learning standard spoken and written Chinese and understanding the law and took initiative to learn standard spoken and written Chinese, the law and vocational skills. After hard work for over one year, I made rapid progress in these aspects. My skills in vehicle maintenance and repair were also greatly improved.

Upon completing my study at the center, with the help of the village committee, I have been working as a driver at Shuya Garment Factory, Regiment 5, No. 1 Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction corps. Thanks to my excellent occupational skills, I can tackle many problems in vehicle maintenance and repair, winning high praise from my fellow workers. In the meantime, I also make many friends with diversified ethnic backgrounds. We discuss vehicle repair together. We dine together. We have deep reciprocal affection.

Recently, on the Internet, I read the rumour fabricated by Pompeo saying that there is so-called “forced labour” in Xinjiang. I am very startled to hear that. The so-called “forced labour” in Xinjiang is out of nowhere. China is a society with rule of law. Everyone freely chooses his or her job, work duty and work place in accordance with China’s Labor Law and Labor Contract Law. Creating beautiful lives for ourselves with our own hands is our common aspiration.

Herein, I’d like to speak out my beautiful life. Mr. Pompeo, never smear and slander China’s good policies any more. Stop distorting the truth, fabricating the lies and splitting our nation. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will never believe all these boldfaced lies. This is the voice from the bottom of my heart. This is the common voice from everyone.