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No One Is Allowed to Destroy Our Happy Lives

Abdukudus Abdurahym

Recently, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo groundlessly attacked and smeared the vocational education and training in Xinjiang regardless of facts. I feel indignant about all those lies.

My name is Abdukudus Abdurahym. Born and growing up in the county of Luopu, Hotan, now I am running a feed mill. With a good business, I am well-off and satisfied with my present life. However, you may find it hard to imagine that obsessed with religious extremism, I attended several underground sermons delivered by some ill-intentioned extremists with my “friends” and even watched plenty of violent and terrorist videos on killing and making bombs. Enchanted by the violent and terrorist scenes all the time, I began to admire the lives of these terrorists abroad killing with guns. I also had the illusion of “going to heaven” by killing and becoming a “martyr”. I cared about nothing in my real life. The crops in the field, the livestock in the courtyard, the study of my kids at school, I did not give a damn shit.

I found everything so satisfactory in the education and training center. Everything was free there: catering, accommodation and classes. There were air-conditioner and heating radiators in our dormitories. The meals were also nutritious and healthy. We learned Mandarin Chinese and various laws everyday and listened to lectures about the nature and dangers of religious extremist thoughts. We could even choose to learn professional skills and everyone worked so hard there. I felt I made rapid progress and more importantly, I felt I was rehabilitated in my thought. No longer being perplexed, I made up my mind to create my own business.

After finishing my training, I applied what I learned to the creating of a synthetic feed mill. My feed mill was founded in the local industrial park in March 2020. At first, I was worried about inadequate employees. Soon I found my worry was needless. Over these years, the idea of local farmers and herdsmen in Hotan was transformed. Ready to receive labor skills and professional training from the education and training center, vocational and technical schools at different levels, most of them became skilled laborers. Currently, the annual net profit of my plant approximates 300 thousand yuan. The average monthly salaries of the 71 employees amount to 4 to 5 thousand. They work very hard and have a full and happy life. We are more than satisfied with our lives now.

Stop your smear and slander, Mr. Pompeo. Your despicable lies will be shattered by our hard work and better lives of my folks. Your lies are bound to fall flat.