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Pompeo,You Clown, Stop Your Bad Performance!

I am Gulinisha Nuer, a graduated trainee from the vocational education and training center in Xinjiang.My address is No. 20,Team 2, 5th Village, Salim Town,Baicheng County.

Recently, I feel very angry at hearing Pompeo’s absurd slandering and smearing of our beautiful Xinjiang over and over again! I love our motherland and feel very proud of Xinjiang’s prosperity and development. As I’ve participated in its stability, prosperity and development and have benefited from it, I have the right to comment on Xinjiang. Therefore, I couldn’t help saying: Pompeo, you clown, stop your bad performance!

Born and living in the rural area of Xinjiang, from childhood to adulthood, I have seen with my own eyes how our hometown has changed and I have experienced the remarkable change in our life. I remember when I was little, we lived in shabby mud houses and the transportation facilities were not adequate .The roads were unpaved and donkey carts were the common means of transportation. We had a big family, yet there was not enough field for us. We suffered from hunger, lacked adequate means of transportation, had limited access to education and health care. In my memory, life was really hard. Now, the shabby mud houses have been replaced by spacious and safe government-subsidized resettlement houses. Schools,hospitals and sites of village committee with good facilities are seen around Xinjiang. Our basic necessities have been improved. We do not need to worry about food, clothing, transportation and enjoy free education, health care and help of the government in securing jobs.This is the true picture of our life.

In the past,affected by religious extremist ideas,I and some kind people around me were very much unwilling to work in the field or run a small business.Instead, we spent much time reading books full of extremist ideas and dreaming of going to heaven. At the brim of committing crime, the government saved me timely, helped me learn Mandarin, law and skills so that I was free from the confines of extremist ideas and became enlightened to become the simple and kind person again. Thanks to the government’s help, I’ve had a secure job and my life is getting better and better.

Pompeo, you clown,intend to deceive the kind Uyghur people with fabrications and mean smearing. We’ll never allow you to do so.