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Be a New Independent Woman

Nuerjiaha Ibadait

Recently, I have read so many poisonous lies fabricated by Pompeo in my mobile phone, which obviously smeared women in Xinjiang. After reading, I have become more and more disgusted with his nonsense, some of which are malicious and absurd.

My name is Nuerjiaha Ibadait and I live in a rural village of Hotan County. My family and friends used to worry about me a lot, but now I’m a skilled, self-supporting person. I want to tell you my story.

When I was a kid, I dropped out of elementary school. Lack of experience and judgement made me unable to tell right from wrong. In my spare time, I made a so-called “friend” through the Internet. He recommended a website and bewitched me by saying, “There are things on this website that we Uyghurs should know.” When browsing the website, I saw many videos propagating terrorism and extremism, such as, “Women shouldn’t go to school or go to work” and “One should hate and exclude ‘infidels’” and so on. After being poisoned by those ideas, my lifestyle became more and more extreme. I did not want to go out or mingle with outsiders. I also said that Han Chinese were “infidels” and their food were not halal. I even disturbed other people’s normal life. My doing caused great harm to those around me. Family and friends warned me, “You’re badly influenced by those extreme ideas, and you’re not only hurting yourself but also others.”

Later, with the help of my family and friends, I went to the vocational education and training center. It was the teachers at the center who saved me and made me abandon the extreme ideas so that I could start a new life. I did not learn well in my schooldays and even could not read the standard spoken and written Chinese language. As a Chinese, I was ashamed that I couldn’t write my name in the national standard language. But now I’m able to communicate with others in the national language, which lays a good foundation for my employment.

After graduation from the center, the electronics factory of our township recruited employees. I quickly adapted to the work, and soon became a regular employee due to my proficiency in the national language and professional skills. With a stable job and income, I can now support my mother for her working hard to bring me up. My family are happy for the change I have experienced, and I am proud that I can earn my own living. I was a worrisome child, and now I become a daughter my mother takes pride in. It’s a feeling I will never forget. Some of my female friends are very envious of my stable and good income. They say, “Nuerjiaha, you are now the most capable person among us. We sure envy you! We need to learn more from you and find good jobs in the future.”

My female friends and I will work hard to improve our life and thus live a happy life. A better life is earned by one’s own efforts! Under the care of the Party and the government, women of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will live a happier life! At present, I just urge Pompeo, who talked gibberish, “Please keep your mouth shut.”