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Political Zombie Pompeo To be Dumped into the Dustbin of History

Mutallip Obul, Deputy Chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Pompeo published Xinjiang-related fallacies just one day before leaving office, which was a choreographed move, because it indicated his failure in smearing China. Pompeo, who prides himself on “lying, cheating, stealing”, meddled in international relations, and was criticized by international opinion. Thus he was regarded as “the worst secretary of state in US history”. In fact, his “last-day madness” turned himself into “political virus” and “political toxic” rather than the “political legacy” he anticipated.

Xinjiang people have the final say over their issues. The stability and prosperity in Xinjiang speaks louder than any slanders. Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, Xinjiang has witnessed earthshaking changes with unprecedented achievements in socioeconomic development and livelihoods improvement. The overall situation in Xinjiang today is stable and harmonious, along with steady and sound economic growth, constant improvement of people’s livelihoods. The sense of happiness, fulfillment and security has been on the rise. Xinjiang today is in its best period of development with people of all ethnic groups living in the united, harmonious socialism Xinjiang.

Responding to people's expectation, Xinjiang protected people’s rights and safety and restored social stability in the fight against terrorism and religious extremism. There has been no single violent terrorist case over the past four years. These measures were highly recognized and applauded by people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

The law-based fight against terrorism and extremism was a justified solution which aimed at both the symptoms and root causes. It was an important part of the international counter-terrorism endeavor. It was in line with the principles and rules of the UN to combat terrorism and protect human rights, thus was widely recognized and supported. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang live in unity and harmony, everywhere is peace and joyful. The population of ethnic minorities has been on the rise. Uygur population was not only higher than Xinjiang’s population growth rate, but also higher than that of ethnic minorities and a lot more higher than Han’s. The languages and culture, customs and fine traditions of ethnic minorities are well protected and developed. People of all ethnic groups fully enjoy different kinds of rights including the subsistence right and the right to development. People’s freedom of religious belief is fully guaranteed. To believe or not to believe in the religion is totally decided by themselves. There is no coerce or discrimination, not in the past, not at present, and will never be in the future. The solid fact is obvious to all and cannot be eliminated by lies.

Ignoring the stability and prosperity in Xinjiang, ignoring the fact that people of all ethnic groups live in unity, harmony and contentment, Pompeo slandered the Communist Party of China’s policy governing Xinjiang with bias and prejudice, which interfered in our internal affairs. His bottomless double standards and hypocrisy was exposed. His practice was merely nonsense and illusions which would hurt himself, thus were doomed to fail. Pompeo will be wiped to the historical dustbin. He pinned himself on the shame column of history.