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Pompeo’s Lies Should Stop before the Beautiful Xinjiang

Ilham Sabir,Vice Chairman of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Ignoring the facts, Pompeo released Xinjiang-related fallacies on his last day in office, making groundless accusations and ill-intended smear attack against Xinjiang, exposing his hideous face and sinister intentions. As a Chinese citizen, I strongly denounce and reject his loathsome and disgusting remarks.

Taking pride in “lying, cheating and stealing”, Pompeo - “the worst Secretary of State ever”, has been barking nonsense laced with stink Cold War mentality, frantically attacking and smearing Xinjiang, making gross interference of China’s internal affairs, distorting Xinjiang’s effort in counter-terrorism, sowing discord in ethnic relations, hindering the great rejuvenation of China.

History and practice have proved that Xinjiang-related issues are anti-terrorism, anti-separatism issues, not issues of human rights, ethnicity, religion as claimed by Pompeo. Pan-Islamism and Pan-Turkism have made inroads into Xinjiang since the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century, jeopardizing social stability and long-term peace of Xinjiang. Frequent violent terrorist attacks hugely affected the daily life of people from all ethnic groups. Some of them manipulated by radical ideas gave up their work, study, refused to sing or dance, covered their faces, grew big beards. I was torn with grief whenever I reminisced about those who had become victims of violent terrorist acts. Nowadays, Xinjiang has achieved social stability, and there hasn’t been any single terrorist attack in the region over the past 4 years; cases of criminal and public security have fallen dramatically; people of all ethnic groups have started working and living in peace witnessing real socioeconomic prosperity and change.

In recent years, we have been eradicating the soil and conditions that breed terrorism and extremism to the maximum extent, and preventing the citizens’ basic rights from being infringed by terrorism and extremism through setting up vocational education and training centers. It can be seen easily that those who had been infected with religious extremism eventually came out of the shadow of radical ideas, started singing and dancing joyfully, beaming a long lost smile on their faces.

We have created favorable conditions for people of all ethnic groups to find suitable jobs and earn stable salaries by perfecting employment policies, conducting vocational skills training free of charge, setting up job platforms, creating decent employment environment. Those poverty-stricken farmers and herdsmen who used to make a living by farming and livestock husbandry now have become business owners who excel at least at one skill. People of all ethnic groups are embarking on a new life where they are a lot better off.

The population of ethnic minorities has risen both in quantity and quality thanks to constant improvement in medical care and education.

By fully implementing CPC’s religious policies, Xinjiang has worked hard to cultivate religious personnel and boycott religious extremism. Believers’ attachment to their religions and faiths have been fully respected.

Decisive progress has been made in poverty alleviation campaign; people’s living standards have improved constantly; residents per capita disposable income of has been growing on a yearly basis; affordable safe housing project has been furthering; basic urban and rural public services have been upgraded; social security system has been improving day by day.

Pompeo smeared our people-friendly policies as violating human rights. If these favorable policies were worth criticism, what would we say about Pompeo’s support for East Turkistan terrorist forces, rampant racism, detaining facilities in Guantanamo and elsewhere, inadequate response to pandemic, intentional destruction of international order?

A mud figurine crumbles in the rain, lies can’t stand up to scrutiny. We are living a happy and peaceful life in this stable and prosperous Xinjiang where everyone aspires to a better life. Neither Pompeo’s “daily lies” nor “last day madness” can undermine the harmony and stability of Xinjiang; nor will they hinder people’s pursuit of a beautiful life.