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Lies of “Genocide”, A Political Extortion Condemned by Posterity

 Aziz Mussa, Commissioner of Hotan Prefecture

Recently, the outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who prided himself on “lying, cheating and stealing”, made up his Xinjiang-related fallacies again and attacked and deliberately discredited the Chinese government’s strategy of governing Xinjiang. A flagrant violation of international justice and morality, his shameless nasty show will be disdained and rejected by all people in Xinjiang, China. As the old saying goes, “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad”. Like a mad dog barking furiously in a vain attempt, Mike Pompeo staged his “last-day madness” on a dead end.

Using his customary tactic of “calling black white”, Pompeo, the fool repeatedly stigmatized the vocational education and training centers in Xinjiang as “inhuman concentration camps”. Tell me, Mr. Pompeo, have you ever seen so well-equipped “concentration camps” before, which were highly praised by the international community for its remarkable achievements? Your hideous attempts to distort facts, cause discord and smear China with your despicable accusation and slander have long been made public by the whole world. Your stupid solo show has made yourself a laughingstock. Are you blind to all this, Mr. Pompeo?

As is known to all, Pompeo is a shameless habitual liar. In recent years, the medical services in Hotan have been substantially improved. A comprehensive health service system has been constructed from prefecture down to villages. Free physical examination is available to everyone; the ward beds increased from 10 thousand in 2020 to 14.2 thousand, and medical workers rose from 6 thousand to the present 13.5 thousand. The average life expectancy of local people reaches 72 years from 30 before 1949. Are you blind to all these facts? Who gave you the guts to smear the happy lives of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, Mr. Pompeo? Now let’s have a good look at your great America. 400 thousand people died of Covid-19; George Froyd, the innocent black man died under the knee of the white policeman. Any comments, Mr. Pompeo?

Pompeo is no doubt an ignorant idiot. Doesn’t he have any knowledge about the common language of a nation? Is there anything wrong with Uyghur’s learning of Mandarin Chinese? In Xinjiang, publications in six languages are seen everywhere and the same are for radio and TV broadcast. The rights of ethnic minorities to use their native languages are fully guaranteed. As an ethnic minority cadre, I witness the full implementation of 15-year free education in south Xinjiang, including offering ethnic minority language courses in schools at all levels. In addition, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the inheritance and protection of excellent traditional cultures in Xinjiang.Thanks to the government-sponsored collection and compilation, “The Twelve Muqam”, once on the verge of extinction, has been listed in the world-level intangible cultural heritage. So far, there have been 373 items listed as intangible cultural heritages at different levels. Who deprived us of the Uyghur culture, Mr. Pompeo? As you are a typical politician and cheat, your best job after retirement is to play a clown in a circus.

Born and bred in south Xinjiang, in my work and life, I can truly feel full respect and guarantee of the basic human rights of the Uyghur people by the Communist Party and the central government. The lies fabricated by Pompeo shall be opposed and rejected by all Uyghur people and people all over Xinjiang. Pompeo’s lies, his slanders of Xinjiang and China, along with Pompeo himself, shall be finally swept into the trash heap and condemned by posterity. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is unstoppable, the steps of people of Xinjiang for ethnic unity and progress is unstoppable, and the pursuit and aspiration of people in Hotan for a better life is unstoppable.