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To debunk Pompeo’s “political virus” with the truth about Xinjiang

Aliman Mahmti,The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University

In recent days, former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo delivered Xinjiang-related fallacies, deliberately attacking and smearing this region. As a medical worker in Xinjiang, facing Pompeo’s vicious rumors, I have an obligation to fight back his political virus by sharing my growth experience and the truth about Xinjiang, so as to expose the falsity of the "worst and most shameless secretary of state" in American history.

I was born in Yining, a beautiful southern China style city in Xinjiang. Both my parents are medical workers, working tirelessly and diligently. They live and work in harmony with their neighbors and colleagues, helping each other. The four of us siblings have been profoundly influenced and inspired by their words and behaviors. We grow up to be civil servants or medical workers, and like my parents, we are hand and glove with our neighbors. We respect each other, learn from each other, and help each other, and thus forge a deep friendship. Even today, when returning my hometown, we would gather together and have a chat.

As an intellectual who has been well educated by the country for many years and who has been working in the frontline of medical treatment, scientific research and education, I will clearly tell everyone that, the changes that have occurred around us in recent years are visible and tangible. I have enjoyed the country’s preferential policies that benefit the public in education. And I have witnessed that batches of Uygur college students have been sent to top international universities at the state’s expense. After graduation, we have been playing a role in medical, education and other positions, fulfilling the duty of serving the health of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. To be honest, without the state’s preferential policies, I would not have the possibility to receive higher medical education in renowned universities of the country. In my university I received a lot of care and help from both teachers and classmates. Without the state’s help and support, I would not further my education abroad for the master and PhD degrees at the state’s expense, and thus I would not have the subsequent academic achievements and honors. All in all, without the care from the country, there would be no happy life of my family, let alone my personal growth and progress. Therefore, in the innermost recesses of my heart, I am grateful for the country's cultivation and care for me. That is why I went back to my hometown-Xinjiang without hesitation after my graduation. In my life and work, I often pass on this gratitude to my family, friends and students. And I am willing to repay my motherland and hometown with dedicated work all my life!

At present, Xinjiang is enjoying social stability and sustained economic development. Residents in Xinjiang live a happy life and enjoy the freedom of religious belief, and the cultures of ethnic minorities are respected and inherited. People have a much stronger sense of security, happiness and fulfillment. This is the indisputable truth about Xinjiang. We all cherish the harmony and stability of Xinjiang, and are proud of its development and changes. Ignoring the facts, Pompeo concocted the rumors of "genocide" and "anti-humanity." Mr. Pompeo, how could you change your nonsense trait? You are not allowed to smear and defile my country and hometown!