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We have the final word about Uygur human rights

Nigati Yusuf,College of Electrical Engineering of Xinjiang University

On his last day in office, former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo was still spreading rumors against China. As a Chinese citizen and college teacher who lives and works in Xinjiang, I am feeling shocked and outraged.

For a long time, in the name of ethnicity, religion and human rights, the separatist, religious extremist and terrorist forces at home and abroad have deceived unsuspecting people, advocated "pan-Turkism" and "pan-Islamism", incited Xinjiang independence, carried out terrorist activities, and indiscriminately killed innocent people, so as to provoke ethnic antagonism and ethnic conflicts. Their criminal purpose is to split the country, especially splitting Xinjiang from the motherland, which badly undermines local stability and ethnic unity, and poses a serious danger to the lives and property of people in the region. To this end, Xinjiang has taken resolute measures to fight against terrorism and extremism in accordance with the law, effectively curbing the frequent occurrences of terrorist activities and ensuring, to the maximum extent, the rights to life and development of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The various lies that Pompeo fabricated on Xinjiang-related issues are purely nonsense, and his action is no other than holding a candle to the devil, boosting the arrogance of the terrorism, and denying and obliterating Xinjiang's anti-terrorism achievements. At present, there have been no violent and terrorist cases (incidents) in Xinjiang for more than four consecutive years. Mike Pompeo, isn't it the beat protection of human rights?

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, Xinjiang has witnessed fundamental social and economic changes. The people of all ethnic groups, including Uygurs, live a happy life on this land. For a long time, Xinjiang has continued to promote numerous policies that benefit the public, focusing on employment, education, and medical care, thus enabling people of all ethnic groups to benefit from the achievements of reform and development in a fairer way. For example, all children in southern Xinjiang have access to a 3-year preschool education and a 12-year basic education. Furthermore, the local people enjoy medical insurance, housing subsidies and pension subsidies. The languages, traditional cultures, folkways and customs of all ethnic groups are also under effective protection and inheritance.

Today,Xinjiang is enjoying sustained economic development, social stability, a better standard of living, and a harmonious coexistence of religions, which is witnessed by all the people in Xinjiang. No slander against Xinjiang can shake the strong will of the local peple to maintain national unification and ethnic unity, nor can it succeed in destabilizing Xinjiang or stopping Xinjiang’s progress.