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Shut up, Pompeo! Stop Disturbing Our Happy Life

Aimaitijiang Weili, Xinjiang Meidical University

Recently, Mike Pompeo, the lie maker, once again staged the "doomsday madness" by "carrying out lies to the end". He made up vicious lies such as "Xinjiang had committed ‘genocide’ against ethnic minorities". As a native Uygur in Xinjiang, I was enraged seeing these remarks! Now, here is a word to Pompeo, master of “lying, cheating and stealing”: Shut up!

The turth is Xinjiang has undergone tremendous changes in recent years, the economic prosperity allows people to live and work in peace and contentment, and my own growth experience is the best proof. My name is Aimatijiang Weili. I was born in an ordinary rural cadre family in Keping County, Aksu, Xinjiang. And I have 5 siblings, of whom the elder sister works in the Water Conservancy Bureau of Keping County, the elder brother works in an agricultural machinery plant in Urumqi, the younger brother the fourth works in the Environmental Protection Bureau of Keping County, the younger sister works in the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, and the youngest brother the sixth works in a taxi company in Urumqi.

As for my parents, my father worked in the township government as an account, and my mother was a farmer. However, in the year of my college entrance examination, my father, the backbone of the family, died of hepatitis. Hence my family ran into economic difficulties and could not afford my tuition for college. But the cadres from town government and village came to my home, holding my mother’s hands and said: “Auntie, Aimaitijiang is also our child, so do not worry about his tuition and trust us that we won’t allow any kid to stay out of school because of poverty.” I will always keep this incident in mind.

Speaking of this, I would like to ask Pompeo the lie maker, should I have ruined my future, life and dream long ago according to what you said!?

Later, with the help of the township government and the financial aid from the university, I finished my study in college and joined the student office of Xinjiang Medical University. Since then, I have been engaged in student management and responsible for the employment of college students.

Here, students of all ethnic groups enjoy equal rights to choose a job or futher their education. And I know many ethnic minority students who choose to continue to take the postgraduate entrance examination after graduation. The CPC and the state have also introduced some student assistance policies to help ethnic minority students realize their dreams of study, such as the Postgraduate Entrance Examination Policy of High Administrative Level Talents for Minority Areas. With the help of this policy, many ethnic minority students have been admitted to China Medical University, Peking Union Medical College, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou Medical University and other famous universities to continue their studies.

When I went to the northern and southern Xinjiang for employment research in recent years, I found that the presidents and department directors of many prefectural hospitals were students trained by Xinjiang Medical University. They used their superb medical skills to protect the life and health of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Now I would like to ask Pompeo the lie maker, should we ethnic minorities have been "extinct" as a whole according to what you said !?

Xinjiang today is a place of peace and tranquility with a brand new look. Cadres or masses, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang live together, study together, work together and enjoy happiness together. We are as close as brothers; we help each other and share the burden of hardship just like a family. We will unite and hold together like pomegranate seeds to guard our beautiful home, and we will never allow such people as Pompeo to smear Xinjiang. So, shut up, Pompeo! Stop disturbing our happy life.